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Yahya (ヤフヤ, Yafuya?) is an antagonistic character in Beastars. He is a retired Sublime Beastar.


He is a horse with a near-black coat and a black crest. His wardrobe varies a lot throughout history. Due to his role as the Sublime Beastar, he often disguises himself as a zebra to deceive criminals and other troublesome individuals.

Despite being in his 50s, Yahya appears late 30s to early 40s thanks to his healthy diet.


Yahya at first sight seems to be a pretty friendly and reliable animal due to being the Beastar. However, he is also quite manipulative. He has a strong desire to bring about justice and make a change in society and will often manipulate other animals as a means to an end. This has led him to have many enemies, as shown in the death threats graffitied on the walls surrounding the Black Market.

He uses the bodies of carnivores he punished to fertilize his carrot farm and because of this, he is hated and known as the "Black Devil" by residents of the Black Market. He is capable of cruelty to not only carnivores but herbivores as well, after threatening the leader of the 500 Cornered Rats during an interrogation.[1]


  • 350-degree vision: Like a typical horse, Yahya has a 350-degree vision, which he uses on his mission. He uses it to fight multiple enemies around him. If he doesn't need the vision, he wears a blindfold to suppress it.
  • 360-degree vision: He can't view 360-degree, so he requires one individual that will add 10-degree to his 350-degree vision. When Gosha used to be his police partner, he used the 360-degree vision with him to fight multiple criminals. He also used it with Legoshi to look for Melon who was hidden around a crowd in a night party.


  • Yahya almost constantly wears a blindfold, to suppress his 350-degree vision.
  • He is named after the Arabic name of John the Baptist, Yahya (يَحْيَى‎ Yaḥyā).
  • He and Gosha used to be crime-fighting partners when they were teenagers, and they both shared the dream of becoming Beastars as a team.


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