Voss (ボス, Bosu?) is a minor character in Beastars.


Voss is a Fennec fox, with large ears, small eyes and a light brown fur color. As a student in Cherryton, he is usually seen wearing the school uniform.

He is the smallest member of canine room 701, and is often seen being carried by his roommates to get around safer.


Due to his low participation in the series, there is not much information about his personality. He seems to like being carried by Collot and Legoshi and isn't very talkative.


  • Formally named in Chapter 6.
  • Part of the canine room 701 with Legoshi.
  • After Legoshi left the school, Voss took over his bunk. Collot jokingly said that he takes up only 1/50 of the space.
  • According to an Omake, he sometimes tells Legoshi to "go f**k yourself" as a sign of affection.


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