The Tower of Black Market (裏市の塔, Urashi no tō?) is a building in Beastars located in the Black Market that used to be a place to sell herbivore children as livestock for carnivores.


This tower in the Black Market was used to illegally sell herbivore children as livestock to be sold and eaten. The children were not given proper names, weren't taught to speak or read and were denied any luxuries. Louis, San and Kyuu were three of those children, then called simply by their product IDs - No. 4, No. 3 and No. 9., tatooed under their right foot.

Not long after Ogma adopted Louis, Gohin stormed the place and rescued the children, including San and Kyuu. The tower currently is largely abandoned, only used as a place for San and Kyuu to reside in while training with Gohin and fighting and living in the Black Market.


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