The Black market (裏市, Ura-shi?) is a relatively secret yet infamous locality in the Beastars universe.


The Black Market is located near the center of the city. Relative to the rest of the city, its a small area housed mostly by carnivores. It is usually seen as taboo to go there, as it hosts the selling and distributing of illegal goods such as animal blood, various meats, a variety of drugs, etc.

It is the most forbidden place for an herbivore to visit as many predatory offenders call the Black Market home, however even carnivores can be preyed on there. Many carnivores sell portions of their bodies in the Black Market for the use of traditional medicines and hyperdrugs, while others are attacked on the streets for their pelts to be made into goods.

Few herbivores call the Black Market home, though those who do are often seen illegally offering up parts of their bodies to be consumed by carnivores as a source of fresh meat.

There exists a clinic within the Black Market run by Gohin. Its primary purpose is the rehabilitation of carnivores who are at risk of or have become predatory offenders.


The Black Market is home to four major criminal organizations. During an event known as the "Day of Depravity", they compete for domination over the Black Market.

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Prior to the series, it is revealed that Louis originates from a livestock trafficking cell in the Black Market. He was found and purchased by Ogma to become his adopted son.

The Black Market is first mentioned by name in Chapter 21 by Louis when he warns the carnivore members of the Drama Club to not step foot there, leaving them confused by the advice. Despite the warning, Legoshi, Bill, Tao, and Aoba end up arriving there seemingly by accident just one chapter later.

The Black Market would not be seen again until Chapter 34, after Haru is kidnapped by the Shishigumi and relocated to their hideout. Both Legoshi and later Louis pursued her, and she is later rescued and brought back to the main street. Louis however remained in the Black Market, assuming the role as the new boss of the Shishigumi.

Legoshi would regularly revisit the Black Market beginning in Chapter 62, seeking physical training from Gohin. During this time period, he eventually re-encounters Louis and the rest of the Shishigumi, though Louis is the only one able to recognize him.


  • Despite the consumption of meat being criminalized in the world of Beastars, there exists a loophole within the law that allows the Black Market to exist. The consumption of live meat is punishable by law, but most of the goods circulated within the Black Market come from hospitals and funeral homes as donations.
    • Despite this, there exists secret circles of livestock trafficking rings who sell young live animals to be preyed upon by carnivores.
  • Bill visits the Black Market at least once a month, however it's implied that he regularly visited there even before its debut in the series.
  • The police force does not seem to regularly frequent the Black Market, making it the ideal hub for the various criminal circuits that organize there.


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