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"You carnivores are nothing but monsters! (お前たち肉食獣なんてーみんな怪物だ!, Omae-tachi nikushokujū nantē minna kaibutsu da!?)" ― Tem's last words before his death.

Tem (テム, Temu?) was a character in Beastars. He was a male alpaca student at Cherryton Academy, and a member of its drama club before suddenly being murdered by one of his classmates at the very beginning of the series.


Tem was a male Alpaca with brown eyes, light skin and a fine, white coat of wool that covered most of his body. In most of his appearances, he is seen wearing his Cherryton School uniform.

According to Legoshi, his wool was noted to be remarkably soft like those of many herbivores.


Though Tem has made few appearances, when he was alive, he was shown to be an open-minded individual. He was quite sociable among his carnivore classmates as both Legoshi and Riz described him as a good friend. Despite this, he does have a more bashful side as seen from his inability to confront Els regarding his feelings.

As a member of the acting team of the drama club, it can be assumed Tem was not as withdrawn as Legoshi. He was not afraid to speak his mind and would bluntly praise or insult with little hesitation. This is one of the reasons he became friends with Riz, as he appreciated Tem's blunt honesty.


The silhouette of Tem's killer in the manga.

  • In the manga, the culprit's silhouette alludes to a wolf-shaped animal as Tem's killer. Despite the fact that Riz is the one responsible for his death.

Silhouette of Tem's killer in the anime.

  • In the anime, the culprit is instead represented as a more vague looking figure, later shown to have round ears.


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