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The following list includes the name of the plot arcs shown throughout the series, a description of the arc plot and the chapters/episodes that constitute it.

Drama Club Arc.jpg Drama Club (演劇部, Engeki-bu?)

Plot: At the prestigious Cherryton Academy, there was a predation incident in which the student Tem the alpaca was killed. In the drama club to which the victim belongs, carnivore and herbivore students alike are hostile to each other. In the midst of this, gray wolf Legoshi begins to discover himself.
1-2 Chapters: 01-17
Episodes: 01-05
Meteor Festival arc.jpg Meteor Festival (隕石祭, Inseki-sai?)

Plot: The club is called on to organize the upcoming Meteor Festival. Meanwhile, Legoshi is fixated on Netherland dwarf rabbit Haru.
3-6 Chapters: 18-49
Episodes: 06-12
Murder Incident Solution (Arc).jpg Murder Incident Solution (食殺事件, Shokusatsu jiken?)

Plot: Five months after Tem's death, the case has gone cold. Can Legoshi figure out who killed Tem, and bring them to justice?
7-11 Chapters: 50-99
Episodes: 13-24
Life as a Dropout arc.jpg Interspecies Relations (種間関係, Shunkan kankei?)

Plot: After his fateful duel with Tem's killer, Legoshi is out in the open world, and has to learn how to live independently by himself...
12-14 Chapters: 100-123
Episodes: 25-
Revenge Love Failure arc.jpg Revenge of the Love Failure (愛の失敗作の復讐, Ai no shippai-saku no fukushū?)

Plot: After discovering the existence of the hybrid crime lord Melon, Yahya gives Legoshi an offer he cannot refuse in exchange for helping Yahya catch him...
15-22 Chapters: 124-196
Episodes: -