Sony (ソニー, Sonī?) is a minor antagonist character during the Meteor Festival arc and is a former member of the Shishigumi.


Sony is an adult lion with a large stature and muscular build. He has sandy yellow fur and a dark brown, slicked back mane.

Like other members of the Shishigumi, Sony wears a suit and tie. He also wears small round dark glasses.


Sony is a violent and deranged yakuza, in addition to being very delicate even with fragile herbivores like Haru. Sony proves to have the stereotypical canine hatred of felines, like wanting to kill Legoshi just for being a canine. Despite his tough demeanor, his spirit breaks before those who outmatch him, and he becomes fearful.


  • He was one of the lions who kidnapped Haru during the Meteor Festival.
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