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The Shishigumi (シシ組, Shishigumi?) are one of the four major criminal organizations that control the Black Market of Beastars.


The Shishigumi is a highly feared back-alley gang of lions. Their former boss used his status as the leader to consume the meat of animals he saw as "exquisite".


The Shishigumi originally had a lion as leader, but after he was killed, the other members decided to make Louis their new boss. Louis later left the Shishigumi to help Legoshi confront Riz, leaving Melon to take over as the new boss.



It is unknown how long the Shishigumi has existed considering its operations predate the series. All that is known is that by the time Ibuki had joined at the age of 18, it was already a formidable group in the Black Market. Whether the Chief Lion was the first boss in the history of the organization is also unknown.


  • Originally, the Shishigumi had over 30 lions, but after Melon became the leader, their numbers dropped to 8. The reason for this most likely stems from Melon prohibiting the lions from eating meat more than two times a month, under punishment of death.


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