Seven (セブン, Sebun?), also known as Sebun, is a secondary character in Beastars. She is an employee for a sportswear company, and lives in the Hidden Condo with Legoshi as a neighbor.


Seven is a short and petite Merino sheep, with a thick, white coat of wool, and large eyes. She dresses formally.


On the outside, Seven is polite and avoids conflict, even when her carnivore co-workers would belittle her by calling her "Lamb-chan." However, on the inside she was frustrated and heartbroken over the way she was treated. When someone shows they respect her, she feels comfortable around them and acts friendly towards them.


  • Seven works for Metal Mouse, a sportswear company that makes clothing and shoes specifically for carnivorous youth.
  • As a child, she liked to admire shoes she saw in a sportswear shops, but as a sheep she could not have shoes like that.


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