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The Second Season (第2部, Dai nibu?) of Beastars is scheduled to be screened in January 2021.[1][2]


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Legoshi accepts that he is a carnivore and promises to be strong for Haru. Although he has regained a peaceful student life, something is missing. There is no sign of Louis at school. An event has made Legoshi looking back at the unsolved "Predatory Murder Case" the culprit has not yet been found. He decides to catch the murderer to protect the lives of the herbivores and his beloved Haru.

Meanwhile, the seemingly disbanded Shishigumi begins to rise again in the Black Market. After having a new boss, they call themselves the "New Shishigumi" and expand their influence. More problems tied between Cherryton Academy and the Black Market, this will be a challenging test for Legoshi.

Will Legoshi be able to protect his "most important ones"?.[3]


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