"My name is Savon ("Soap" in French). Such an ironic name for a venomous race, isn't it?" ― Savon to Legoshi in Chapter 178.

Savon (サボン, Sabon?) is a Komodo dragon and is the boss of the Dokugumi.


Savon's first appearance.

Savon is a Komodo dragon with a well-built physique and a tall stature, who wears a gas mask to cover his mouth as to not release venom from his fangs. He has a long scar across his left eye. His claws are very sharp and is his primary form of offence.

He wears a dark shirt without a left sleeve, revealing his arm. A belt is fastened around his body and left arm holding small bottles of what is most probably Komodo dragon blood, and the belt connects to his baggy pants.

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