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Sanu (サヌ, Sanu?) is a minor character in Beastars. He was a third-year student at Cherryton Academy, where he served as the president of the drama club - a position that is now held by Bill.


He is a young pelican with a slender build and short stature. He has white plumage with pink facial skin, small black eyes, light yellow bill, and wears glasses.

He commonly wears his school uniform, which in cold seasons consists of a white shirt, an indigo vest, dark gray tie, gray pants with a darker vertical line pattern, and brown loafers. During the summer season, he wears a blue polo shirt, replacing the uniform shirt, vest and tie.


Sanu has a generous and attentive personality. He is very polite and is usually very passive. He is a hard-working person who manages the members of the drama club with a strong personality. He is a charismatic person who is usually shown speaking professionally with his clubmates. Although he is usually nervous in many of his interactions, Louis relied on him for calm in the club and for not looking like a high school student.


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