San (サン, San?) (also known as Number 3 (3番か, Sanban ka?)) is a minor recurring character in Beastars. He is Louis's friend and was a cellmate to him and Kyuu when he was raised as livestock and locked up with other herbivore children in the Black Market.


San is a light-colored Alpaca with fluffy fur and large eyes. Just like Louis and Kyuu, he has his livestock brand imprinted in his left foot. He wears a tracksuit just like Kyuu.


As soon as he and Kyuu recognized Louis, their long lost cellmate, he is quick to apologize for hurting Legoshi and is rather easygoing and upbeat, the complete opposite of the cold and calculating Kyuu. When in action though, he is very observant of his enemies and can quickly pinpoint their physical weaknesses.


  • Finding Physical Weaknesses: San has the ability to quickly scan an enemy's body to discover all of their weak points. He works with Kyuu due to her outstanding skills in knife fighting.


  • His name comes from the Japanese pronunciation of the number three ( in kanji).
  • By combining his name with Kyuu, the word "Sankyu" (「サンキュー」, "Sankyū"?) is formed, which means "thank you" in Japanese.
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