Sagwan (サグワーン, Saguwān?) is a secondary character in Beastars. He lives in room 302 of the Hidden Condo. He was found out by Legoshi while doing ramen delivery.


He is a tall mottled seal with corpulent complexion, gray skin with several dark, and irregular spots throughout his body. Sagwan's head is rounded with narrow doglike muzzle that has several long black whiskers. His eyes are small and squinted with completely black pupils.

His dress in the series varies, when he first appeared, he wore a possibly yellow waterproof suit, with a white sweater and blue jeans.


Highly confident, he views the environment around him with much curiosity. Especially with terrestrial animals, he does not know much about the other animals that inhabit the Earth, but eagerly seeks conversations with others. He is slightly bothered by the fact that he has to wear clothes as he spent lived naked in the sea.

He believes in reincarnation in that each succeeding life are meant to fulfill any unmet wishes of the previous life. He values every moment he shares with some other animal.

Despite living with a criminal accused of predation, he accepts Legoshi for having accepted Sagwan and his culture.


  • It is noted that he privately lives in the nude as aquatic life does normally.
  • He and Legoshi are very good friends to the extent that Legoshi sees him as a guide to better understand societal nuances.


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