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Rokume (ロクメ, Rokume?), known as Six Eyes, is a minor character in Beastars. She is the one and only security guard of Cherryton Academy.


She is a rattlesnake with a very long body, making her one of the tallest characters (if not the tallest) in the series. Her body has a pattern of six spots that resemble eyes. In addition to having long black eyelashes, Rokume does not wear any clothing, except for a hat that is her uniform.


Rokume has a very hesitant demeanor and, because she is always hidden, she does not usually socialize with anyone at all. Rokume is also easily excitable (especially with Legoshi's actions). Although she declared to be envious of Legoshi since according to her, she was born with the shame of having no limbs and only by hiding can she bear it.


  • Rokume is foreshadowed in Chapter 16 when her eye appears right after the fight is resolved.
  • Rokume appeared hidden among the public present during the play shown in Episode 4 of the anime.
  • She is rumored to be a sort of "monster" of Cherryton High School, most students warning Legoshi and others of the "Six-Eyed Ghost" (「六目の幽霊」, "Rokume no Yūrei"?) that roams the air vents of the school.
  • 29 species of rattlesnakes have been recognized. It is unknown which species Rokume belongs to.


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