Raul (ラウル, Rauru?) is a main character in Beast Complex. He is the protagonist of the first chapter.


Raul is a young lion with an athletic build and large stature. He has a yellowish coat, small round eyes, and curly mane. He wears a common school uniform consisting of a white shirt, a striped tie, school pants, and a pair of dark loafers.


As a lion, Raul desires approval of all creatures. Due to his achievements and the constant compliments he has received throughout his life, he adopted a very condescending and highly self-centered mentality. Raul is very dedicated to his studies and is therefore highly intelligent. He considers himself as the King of Beasts that can achieve anything. Raul always prioritizes getting the approval of the animals around him so he maintains a kind, cheerful and helpful behavior towards others. He shows an objective to achieve respect, trust, amazement, and admiration from others to enrich his image of a perfect lion.

Raul internally hides a pessimistic, selfish and insecure personality who hates having to get involved in matters that do not get him personal benefit so he is not interested in getting involved with the other people around him. After getting to know Azumo, Raul wonders why he works so hard to get approval, and he becomes more open and exposes his flaws, only to discover that others don't really care about his social image.

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