Raika (ライカ, Raika?) is a minior character in Beastars. He is a resident of the Hidden Condo with Fina as a co-resident.


Raika is a young, tall, and robustly built Stellar's sea eagle in his early 20s. He has dense dark brown plumage that fades into black in the area of his face. This strongly contrasts with the white color that covers the upper and medium areas of his wings, as well as his whole tail. His beak and claws are yellow.

He wears a dark-colored hooded jacket over a white T-shirt, black sweatpants, and light sneakers. He is also seen wearing flannel and pants, white socks, in addition to wearing goggles and a necklace with a compass when flying.


Raika is a lively young man and is extremely laid-back and very carefree, which makes him quite irresponsible. Raika does not seem to have ambitions or great aspirations for his future. He shows that he is very comfortable with his current lifestyle and even though he is aware that he is not the most respected for an adult and does not seem to want to quit, he gets a lot out of it.

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