Products and brand names unique to the Beastars universe.


These can include products for herbivores or carnivores, special dishes/food, and brand names derived from real-world equivalents.



  • MaiMai Milk (マイマイミルク, Maimai miruku?): Delicious nutrients, full of joy! A cow milk brand.
  • Odd Soul Sake (奇魂酒, Kikonshu?): A sweet sake made with herbs that carnivores don't like. It's sold during Odd Soul Festivals.

Generic Products

  • Strength Restrainer (力抑制剤, Chikara yokuseizai?): Pills that decrease muscle mass. Bear students over two meters tall are required to take these pills once every night. Known for its unpleasant side effects hours upon consumption.


  • BeastBook (ビーストブック, BīsutoBukku?): Beastars's version of Facebook.
  • Metal Mouse (メタルマウス, Metaru Mausu?): A sports goods brand name. They design sports clothing and footwear for carnivores, looking to aim towards the younger adolescent age group.
  • Zoo Balance (ズーバランス, Zū Baransu?): A brand name for shoes often worn by college students.
  • Zoozle (ズーズル, Zūzuru?): Beastars's version of Google.
  • Somy (ソミー, Somī?): Beastars's version of Sony.

The Black Market

The Black Market is home to several illegal products and substances. These include:

  • Bloodbone Drug (骨肉麻薬, Kotsuniku mayaku?): A mixture of herbivore blood and bone ground into powder. It frees carnivores from the guilt of eating meat while simultaneously satisfying their urges. It is marketed as an energy drink to deceive them into drinking it.
  • Herbivore Pornography (草食ポルノ, Sōshoku poruno?): Pornographic magazines sold within the Black Market. Usually featuring smaller herbivores, like rabbits. It can be assumed that the carnivore equivalent exists, as well.
    • The porn magazine shown in Beastars is called "Wild Kick" (「ワイルドキック」, "Wairudo Kikku"?).


  • Antiseptic Solution (消毒液, Shōdoku eki?): A spray against reptilian poison. Kills 99% of germs, poison, and viruses.


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