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Pina (ピナ, Pina?) is a recurring character in Beastars. He appeared as a first-year student and a new actor in the drama club at Cherryton Academy.


Pina is a white Dall sheep with big horns. He is considered very handsome by most animals. As a student in Cherryton High School, he is usually seen wearing the school uniform. During drama club practices, he wears a black shirt instead of a traditionally white one.


Pina is smart, cocky and laid-back. Though he enjoys provoking carnivores with his words, he is not a bad person. His eccentric personality and naturally charming demeanor earns him the admiration and love of many females within Cherryton High School. However, his playboy nature has him forgetting the names of women that he is currently in a relationship with, often recalling the wrong name of said female and abruptly ending the relationship.


  • Paru Itagaki got his name from a German dancer, Philippine "Pina" Bausch. She said she liked how German names sound different from Japanese ones.
  • He prefers females with horns, most likely due to him being proud of his own horns, although his taste in females is varied.
  • According to Paru, he has had five girlfriends at the same time.
  • A Dall sheep is also known as a thin horned sheep.


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