Ogma (オグマ, Oguma?), also known as Oguma, was the former owner and boss of the Horns Conglomerate, and a secondary character in Beastars.


Ogma was a middle-aged red deer, with magnificent curling antlers. He wore glasses, a dark suit, undershirt, and tie.


His enigmatic personality was shown multiple times as he often bought Louis expensive items depending on whether he was disappointed or proud.


  • Taser prod: Ogma had a taser to ward off intruders in his residence. When he had heard a scream from his son, he went to his room with the taser, but Louis was actually fine and had just felt a pain from his right leg.

Family tree

Azuki's father


  • He bought Louis from the Black Market for ¥‎7,000,000 (seven-million yen) with the intention of making him the successor to the Horns Conglomerate.
  • "Oguma" (小熊 in kanji) means a small bear. It can also refer to Oguma (小隈 in kanji), an area in the city of Asakura, in the prefecture of Fukushima.
  • Ogma is named after the Gaelic god of speech, language, eloquence and learning.
  • During Louis' childhood, Ogma bought an expensive 500,000-yen bicycle for failing to achieve a perfect score on a test.
  • In the anime, he states that he's unable to have his own children, thus leading him to adopt Louis in the first place.


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