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Murder Incident Solution (食殺事件, Shokusatsu jiken?) is the third story arc of the Beastars manga.


After narrowly surviving his fight with the Shishigumi and rescuing Haru, Legoshi begins his search in finding the culprit behind Tem's murder. As he comes closer to solving the mystery, Legoshi realizes that to confront the person responsible, he must train both his body and mind, while at the same time, undergoing an experience of self-discovery and newfound confidence.

Important Events


  • Legoshi discovers that Riz is Tem's murderer.
    • A flashback shows that Riz and Tem were actually friends. Riz's murder was actually an accident and not intentional and was caused by his predatory instincts.
  • Ibuki is killed by the Shishigumi members because of his instincts (tried to devour Louis).
    • Louis leaves Shishigumi to help Legoshi.
  • Legoshi and Riz fight on New Year's Eve. At some point, Legoshi was about to lose but Louis suddenly appears and saves him. Louis then decided to sacrifice his right leg by letting Legoshi eat it, so he will be stronger and be able to win the fight.
    • It marks the first time Legoshi eats meat.
  • Aftermath, the cops show up and arrest Riz, and took Legoshi to the police station. Also, Louis is hospitalized.
    • Legoshi and Louis become friends.
    • Legoshi becomes a predatorial offender, and he decides to change his life by dropping out of Cherryton.
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