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Miguno (ミグノ, Miguno?) is a minor character in Beastars and a student at Cherryton Academy.


Miguno is a medium-sized spotted hyena with a slender build. His fur is light brown with several irregular, dark brown spots on his forehead. He has dark brown fur on various parts of his body, including on his ears, muzzle, thorax, hands, feet, and tail. His eyes are completely brown.

He is typically seen wearing his school uniform. In cold seasons, this uniform consists of a white dress shirt, an indigo vest, a dark gray tie, black suspenders, gray pants with dark gray vertical stripes, and brown loafers. During the warmer seasons, he wears a blue polo shirt but keeps the gray striped pants and brown loafers.


Due to his minimal participation in the series, there is not much information about his personality, other than he seems to be quite friendly like the other members of room 701. Miguno seems to have an ear for music, as he is a member of a small band.


  • Miguno was formally named in Chapter 6.
  • He is part of the canine room 701 with Legoshi.
  • He is in a band named "the Leftovers" with a vulture.
  • He plays electric guitar.
  • While hyenas are social creatures, they are not actually canines at all. Despite their dog-like appearance, hyenas are ironically closer to cats than to dogs.
  • Miguno has poor eyesight.


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