Meteor Festival (隕石祭, Inseki-sai?) is the second story arc of the Beastars manga.


One month after the Drama club's events, summer has begun and all the students are looking forward to a great event being held at the station, the Meteor Festival.


The arrival of summer

Summer has arrived and all the students are happy and anxious due to a great event being held at the station, the Meteor Festival.

In their bedroom, the canines in Room 701 are cutting their excess fur due to the summer heat. Later, in the drama club, Sanu announces that the drama club will be involved in the preparations for the Meteor Festival, which excites the members of the club, except for Legoshi and the other club stagehands, who are the ones who take the hardest work. After checking their inventory, stagehands are set to recycle most of the decorations of the year past and after finishing the planning. At night, club stagehands return to the academy. While they talk, Legoshi sees Haru the distance and separates from the group. While she was walking, Haru finds a neglected flower pitcher in a hallway and takes it away to give it due care, but is surprised by Mizuchi and her companions who trip her up, while mocking Haru. Mizuchi punishes Haru again, for "making another move" on her boyfriend. When understanding the situation, Haru returns the taunts and enrages Mizuchi who tearfully reprimands Haru for being responsible for ruining their romance. Haru rejects the blame and reprimands her between screams and tells her that she will continue to see her from afar until the day her species becomes extinct and tells her that it will not help to release her frustrations at her. At that moment, Mizuchi and her companions are paralyzed by the intimidating figure of Legoshi, who had arrived and was behind Haru, and they run scared. Haru notices Legoshi behind her and pays him no attention while he is speechless by her presence. Legoshi musters up the courage and tries to help her pick up the flowers. Haru rejects his act of kindness and tries to leave saying that she does not accept compassion from the men she slept with. Legoshi stops her and mentions that they did nothing, referring to their previous meeting.

Haru and Legoshi go to the cafeteria, and they end up dining together. While Legoshi is euphoric within his thoughts thinks about how to ask Haru what her name is, Haru begins to talk about trivial issues. She highlights the attention that Legoshi gives her and often mentions how in her previous meeting she had the intentions of sleeping with him and declares that by running away, Legoshi was being realistic. Haru's body is restless as her instincts tell her to run away from Legoshi, but she tries to ignore them. Haru notices Legoshi as a good person and wants to be his friend, but she does not imagine anything that compensates for the differences between them, so she does not take the step. Legoshi does not dare to ask her her name and Haru finishes eating and says goodbye, and they both leave. On the way to the bedrooms, one of Haru's shoes becomes undone, and she cannot close it. Legoshi helps her and when he bends down both end up seeing each other face to face for the first time, which makes Legoshi highlight the rabbit's black eyes. Haru laughs at this and tells Legoshi her name and Legoshi does the same. Legoshi wags his tail, and he wants to see more of Haru.

Love conflicts

After a month, Legoshi became happy and confused at the same time, due to his feelings for Haru and the fact that he's a predator and she's a prey. But things get out of control when he discovers that Haru is Louis's girlfriend, making the gray wolf hold a determination to make Haru his girlfriend. During the preparations for the Meteor Festival, he gets closer to both Haru and Juno, a new student and member of the drama club after saving her from students that tried to harm her.

Some days later, another case of murder is announced at the town. Legoshi cannot take the image of Haru out of his head, and wanted to meet her again. The next day, Legoshi, Bill, Aoba and Tao go out to the city, and when they arrived at the Black Market, his predatory instincts go out of control. Some time later, Legoshi is captured by Gohin who is the Black Market psychoterapist. He helps Legoshi control his instincts, but he finds out Legoshi's crush on Haru is nothing more than an obsession to eat her, which Legoshi negates, saying that he's really in love and departs thanking Gohin. Four days later, Legoshi gets closer to Haru when he asks her to go back to the school with him, they get in an arguing when Haru tells him that as a predator, he would not understand how it is to be with death coming your way and tries to go away. Legoshi holds her and is almost arrested because the people on the train station thought that he was going to eat her. He gets closer to her, but he felt his life go down when Haru is kidnapped by the Shishigumi. He tries to ask Louis for help, only to be punched by him as Louis refuses to help him, telling Legoshi that a little sacrifice is of no concern. Getting angered at his words, Legoshi counterattacks and both start a fight. Lastly, Legoshi tells Louis that if he doesn't care about Haru, he will make her his.

The battle against the Shishigumi

Departing on a journey to save Haru, Legoshi enters the Black Market and reencounters with Gohin, and although he is reluctant to help Legoshi, he agrees to give him a hand as he says that just one wolf isn't enough to take them down. The two fight their way against a bunch of lions and Gohin tells Legoshi to go ahead.

Haru, who is now under the Chief Lion's control, is forced to do what he tells her, including undressing herself, as he says that he likes prey enveloped with humiliation; that makes their blood flow which enriches the meat's flavor. After Haru resists against him telling that she's not afraid, he gives up and tries to eat her while Haru is terrified for her life, only to be saved by Legoshi.

In a disadvantage against the lion boss, Legoshi awakes his predator state and greatly injures the lion by biting him on the shoulder and doesn't hit any vitals. Talking to Haru, they hug and Legoshi faints from his injuries. Getting out of the place, Chief Lion attempts to shoot and kill Legoshi, as he says that his gentle nature will kill him. Louis appears out of nowhere and kills the lion. Several lions enter the room and when Louis provokes them, he laughs madly.

The end of the Love Duel

Injured but alive, Legoshi and Haru have a conversation in which Haru blames herself for his actual state, but Legoshi tells her that is not her fault. When they have dinner, he asks her to find a place to spend the night as the last train left. Having bought a hotel room for them, Legoshi instantly becomes scared of what could happen with Haru as he enters his "Male Mode". Having no worries about it, Haru tries to seduce Legoshi once again, only for him to be confused as he tried to kiss her. Embracing her, Legoshi tells her the truth about how they met. Haru says that she knew for a while and that she's not afraid of him. After this, they try to make love, only to have Haru's prey instincts activate by having her shove her arm inside Legoshi's mouth, and she admits that is a mistake for them to be together. Arguing, Legoshi ends up blaming himself for getting too much ahead of her, and they agree to just go to sleep.

Returning to school, he talks to Juno who tries to seduce him, only to be refused as she thinks Legoshi belongs to Haru. Juno leaves the room and when Haru appears to see Legoshi, she gets mad at Haru for stealing Legoshi's heart, and she challenges Haru for Legoshi's affection. At the Meteor Festival, Juno tries to make Legoshi her lover by lighting a candle together, but he refuses as he wants to be with Haru. When they met again, Haru tries to make Legoshi stay away from her, as they can't be together because of their instincts, but Legoshi convinces her by telling her that he loves her. Finally, he accepts his fate as a predator and promises Haru to become stronger than his instincts. Haru tells him that she will be waiting.

Important Events

  • In this arc, the male students at Cherryton Academy change the top of their uniform to an academy polo shirt.
  • Legoshi meets Juno when he saves her from students that tried to harm her.
  • Juno develops a crush on Legoshi.
  • Haru is kidnapped by the Shishigumi.
  • Legoshi, with the help of Gohin, fights the Shishigumi and saves Haru.
  • Louis murders the boss of the Shishigumi.
  • Legoshi tells Haru about how they met, and Haru reveals that she likes to be with him.
  • Legoshi and Haru try to make love, only to be interrupted by Haru's prey instincts.
  • Juno challenges Haru for Legoshi's affection, but she ends up losing as he is in love with Haru.
  • Legoshi confesses his love for Haru and promises to get stronger than his predatory instincts so he can be with her, and Haru tells Legoshi that she will be waiting for him.
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