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"I love those frightened eyes, and that frail body. They are the very essence of an herbivore's beauty. You remind me of your papa's flavor which I love so, so much, ...Melon." ― Her last words to Melon

Melon's mother (メロンの母, Meron no haha?) is a minor character in Beastars.


She is a middle-aged leopard with a slender build and fairly trimmed light yellow coat covered with evenly spaced black spots, with those on her head being elongated. Melon's mother always keeps a permanent smiling expression.

She wears a sweater with a long skirt and ruffled apron.


Melon's mother never leaves her one-room apartment, often asking her son, Melon, to get necessities such as groceries. In this apartment, she created a sort of fantasy world where everything is okay and nothing bad happens.

She appears to be a loving mother, but it is debatable to whether she named her son Melon because she desired to eat him or the fact that he is a carnivore-herbivore hybrid.


  • From the flashbacks it's shown that she may have indeed loved her gazelle partner very much.
    • She thinks of him fondly.
    • The reason she refuses to leave her home is likely to not face reality.
    • If she did not love him, her delusional state would not have happened.
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