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Melon's father (メロンの父, Meron no chichi?) is a minor character in Beastars.


He is a middle-aged male gazelle with a slender build. He has a short, pale fur, a long goatee, and has the exact same horns as Melon.

He wears a light-colored shirt, dark pants, loafers, and reflective glasses that hide his eyes.


Melon's father has a very shy and submissive demeanor, making several pauses between words when speaking. He was led to the Black Market by Gosha without giving any resistance or objection. Exposing his actions, Melon's father proves to be a coward, revealing that he abandoned his leopard partner and son because of uncomfortable social reaction and fear that she would someday eat him, justifying this action as something that any normal guy would do.

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