Meg (メグ, Megu?) is a character in Beast Complex. She is the deuteragonist of the fourth chapter.


Meg is a black panther with a black hue fur. Her attire during the series is light-colored shirt, coat, cap, shorts, and high boots.


Meg is a young girl who made bad decisions that led her to be part of a criminal group called Blakkus, which is a criminal gang that operates in a district of the world of Beastars. She is very insecure with strangers and does not usually talk a lot with others, except for the Kangaroo, who is the owner of the hotel where she stayed to hide from the police. In her time living in this place, she began to trust other animals again and to feel appreciated. When it was discovered that she was a mule of this criminal organization, the manager tried to assassinate her, but gave her the advice to stay away from that criminal life and start over, because of how young she is.


  • Along with Abby, they are the only characters to have a deuteragonist role in Beast Complex.
  • Meg is a "mule" from the criminal group Blakkus. "Mules" are people who are in charge of transporting various things such as: drugs, people, corpses, etc.
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