The Madaragumi (マダラ組, Madaragumi?) is one of the four major criminal organizations that control the Black Market of Beastars.


A criminal organization consisting entirely of jaguars, and later, leopards. Similar to the various other gangs found in the Black Market, they are rivals of the Shishigumi.


  • "Madara" is Japanese for spots, so their organization translates to "Spots Group".
  • The Madaragumi and the other criminal organizations have been around for a minimum of 20 years, as according to Chapter 167, there have been no new Turf War participants since then.
  • In Chapter 66, the Madaragumi was made up of jaguars. However, in Chapter 156 during a turf war between them and the Shishigumi, Dokugumi, and Inarigumi, it was made up of leopards instead.
  • The dress code for the Madaragumi consists of a white kimono with the kanji of "Madara" (斑) on the back.
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