Luna (ルナ, Runa?) is a character in Beast Complex. She is the deuteragonist of the fifth chapter.


Luna is a slender gazelle with light fur and short, slightly curved horns. Her wardrobe is made up of a light-colored shirt, a skirt that reaches her knees and her remarkable apron that she uses at cooking time on the TV show. She also wears rectangular glasses.


Luna has a charming and respectful personality, however she feels intimidated by carnivores to the point of being prejudiced and to a certain extent hostile. She had a great conflict with her new kitchen partner Benny, who is a carnivore. Although he did not care what she thought, he focused on doing his job well. During one of the programs when they both had to team up, Benny left many comments out of place, but seeing that the program's rating improved, he continued. When she finished her plate of food, Luna tried the hamburger that Benny had prepared. She saw that despite the comments he said, the result of her food was excellent. After meeting Benny, she began to have a more open mind, although she continues to show herself uneasy when socializing with him.

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