This is the Beastars episode list.

First Season

# Title Airdate Plot Picture
1 JP: The Full Moon Chooses Which Beasts to Shine On (満月は照らす獣を選んでる, Mangetsu wa terasu kemono wo eranderu?)
EN: The Moon and the Beast
October 8, 2019 (JP) At the prestigious Cherryton Academy, there was a "predation incident" in which the student Tem the alpaca was killed. In the drama club to which the victim belongs, carnivorous animals and herbivorous animals have a harsh atmosphere.
2 JP: The Heart of the School is in the garden (学園の心臓部は庭園にあり, Gakuen no shinzō-bu wa teien ni ari?)
EN: The Academy's Top Dogs
October 17, 2019 (JP) Legoshi ponders his own ferocious impulses; an altercation at breakfast unsettles him further.
3 JP: When a male wolf was born (オスオオカミ 出生のとき, Osuōkami shussei no toki?)
EN: A Wolf is Born
October 24, 2019 (JP) Legoshi is pressed by Haru in the gardening club. However, the situation cannot be swallowed, and he escapes.
4 JP: You are going to the Holy Grail (君は聖杯までふやかして, Kimi wa seihai made fuyakashite?)
EN: Give it Your All
October 31, 2019 (JP) Louis woke up in the infirmary and knew he has a fractured leg. Bill the Bengal tiger was chosen to be his substitute, but Legoshi will has to be on stage for the first time to replace Bill.
5 JP: The Age to Discover Neither Motive Nor A Tail's Filth (しっぽの汚れにも理由を見出すお年頃, Shippo no yogore ni mo riyū wo mīdasu otoshigoro?)
EN: Two Sides to the Story
November 7, 2019 (JP) Because of the publicity the on-stage fight has gathered (if for the wrong reasons), Louis refrains from suspending Legoshi and Bill from the drama club. A month later, the club is called on to organize the upcoming Meteor Festival.
Episode 5 Preview.jpg
6 JP: The Thing That Pierced My Vision: Was It a Dream or Reality? (視界の滲み 夢か現か, Shikai no nijimi yume ka utsutsu ka?)
EN: Blurred Vision - Dream or Reality?
November 14, 2019 (JP) The community is startled by another brutal herbivore murder committed by carnivores. Legoshi saves a young wolf girl named Juno from a couple of bullies, winning her affection.
Episode 06.jpeg
7 JP: School Uniform And Fur Coat And Yet Still Underneath It (制服と被毛のそのまた下の, Seifuku to hike no sono mata shita no?)
EN: Below the Fur Coat
November 21, 2019 (JP) Legom, a hen student who regularly delivers her eggs to the school cafeteria for the carnivore students, begins to obsess herself about the quality of her eggs.
8 JP: To Catch Floss On One's Dogtooth (犬歯に糸ようじひっかけるように, Kenshi ni itoyōji hikkakeru yō ni?)
EN: Caught like Floss in a Canine's Teeth
November 28, 2019 (JP) The first preparations for the Meteor Festival are finished. When Haru finds herself alone out at dusk, Legoshi offers to take her back to the dormitories, but struggles with his inner conflict between his carnivorous instincts and his love for her.
9 JP: The Fur's Rising Top Floor Elevator (エレベーター最上階の戦慄, Erebētā saijōkai no senritsu?)
EN: Into the Lion's Den
December 4, 2019 (JP) Louis reminiscences about his childhood as illegal livestock for carnivores until he was taken in by Ogma, head of the Horns Conglomerate, as his adopted son.
10 JP: I Will Catch You to the Ends of the Earth, Fuzzball (綿毛、地の果てまで追うならば, Watage, chi no hate made ou naraba?)
EN: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
December 11, 2019 (JP) Beginning his search for the Shishigumi in the Black Market, Legoshi is soon joined by the grudging Gohin after Legoshi convinces him of his feelings for Haru.
11 JP: Marching Through the Neon Lights of Summer (ゆきゆきて 夏のネオン街, Yuki yukite natsu no neon-gai?)
EN: To the Neon District
December 18, 2019 (JP) Legoshi locked the Shishigumi Boss in a bloody fight to save Haru. He defeated him, and they escape the hideout and miss the last train to their school.
12 JP: Back View of Summer Storm (夏嵐の後ろ姿, Karan no ushiro sugata?)
EN: In the Storm's Wake
December 25, 2019 (JP) After her instincts of wanting to be eaten cease, Haru apologizes for ruining the mood. They return to school, where Juno corners Haru and, after finding out they didn't have sex, challenges her for Legoshi's heart.

Second Season

# Title Airdate Plot Picture
13 JP: A Teen's Never-Ending Alarm (少年の目覚めは何度目のアラームか, Shōnen no mezame wa nandome no arāmu ka?)
January 7, 2021 (JP) Legoshi has regained his peaceful school life. However, what is different from before the summer break is that he finally confessed to Haru his feelings and that Louis is not present in his last year at the academy.
14 JP: The Gray Police Hound Runs (灰色の警察犬とりあえず走ってる, Haīro no keisatsuken toriaezu hashitteru?)
January 14, 2021 (JP) The All-Organism Council Meeting is discussing Cherryton Academy's situation regarding a Beastar candidate, and it is decided that the person who solves Tem's murder shall be made the next Beastar. Legoshi has been tasked by Rokume to investigate and find clues about who Tem's killer might be.
Legoshi meets Rokume.jpg
15 JP: Changes (そんな鉛を喉に詰まらせて, Son'na namari wo nodo ni tsumarasete?)
January 21, 2021 (JP) Louis now works with the Shishigumi, and in order to assert his authority, he is forced to ingest meat. A young new member arrives at the drama club. Members' hearts are baffled by the presence of playboy Pina, a big-horned Dall sheep who is full of confidence from his looks, popularity, and a defeatist attitude. After his club friends comment about his relationship with Haru, Legoshi considers maintaining a distance from her.
16 JP: Entangled (身を寄せたら毛が絡まってしまうから, Mi wo yosetara ke ga karamatte shimau kara?)
January 28, 2021 (JP) As he tries to focus on finding Tem's killer, Legoshi is attacked by a huge carnivore figure. In a hint of despair, Legoshi makes an unexpected counterattack to obtain clues about the culprit, and leaves school to learn from Gohin how to overcome his carnivorous instincts. The Shishigumi's reputation in the Black Market continues to grow after saving a stripper from death. Louis gets a surprise visitor.
17 JP: Call it Like it is (白はモノクロの中でも白いまま, Shiro wa monokuro no naka de mo shiroi mama?)
February 4, 2021 (JP) Juno visits Louis at the Black Market and attempts to convince him to go back to school, but Louis's determination is unshakable. Legoshi, who became Gohin's disciple, cuts off his fur to disguise himself so that the Shishigumi won't recognize him, and begins a harsh training where he remains in school during the day and in the Black Market during the night.
18 JP: Fly, O Corrupt One (飛べ 破戒僧, Tobe hakai sō?)
February 11, 2021 (JP) Louis forces Ogma to sign him off the school, which Ogma grants willingly, believing that Louis is just going through a rebellious phase. Legoshi fights his instincts due to the training that Gohin has imposed on him. However, he realizes that what he faces is "someone who was once alive" and manages to control his own desires by respecting life. Haru appears in front of Legoshi, who is exhausted after returning to the academy, and he proposes to her. When Bill challenges him to a tug of war using their teeth, Legoshi loses and is left wondering what happened to his jaw strength.
19 JP: Unforgettable Sweetness (蜜漬けの記憶, Mitsudzuke no kioku?)
February 18, 2021 (JP) While alone in the locker room, Legoshi tastes the water bottles of every male carnivore member of the drama club in order to identify Tem's killer. After a horrifying incident during practice, Legoshi and Riz take Kibi to the infirmary, after which Legoshi reveals to Riz that he knows he is the culprit. Before they can start fighting, Pina interrupts them and blackmails Riz. Due to this incident, the school is set to become segregated and all clubs suspended, but the club members are not giving up. Riz reminisces about the times he spent with Tem and vows to always cherish those memories until the day he dies.
20 JP: Laughing at the Shadows We Cast (光を浴びたらシルエットの違いを笑おう, Hikari wo abitara shiruetto no chigai wo waraō?)
February 25, 2021 (JP) Sheila doesn't want to only be used in Peach's photos just for "likes", so she invites her to a day of shopping. Legoshi learns about the strength of his limbs by stopping a ferocious meat addict as part of Gohin's training. Juno is offered the main role in the school play, but after spending some time with Haru in the gardening club, she considers herself unfit to be a candidate for the Beastar title. After a visit to a hyperdrugs store, Ibuki reveals to Louis that their childhoods aren't so different.
Juno Sheila.jpg
21 JP: A Busted Electric Fan (ぶっ壊れてる扇風機, Bukkoware teru senpūki?)
March 4, 2021 (JP) Legoshi steadily gains strength thanks to Gohin's training, but is impatient for not being strong enough to defeat a brown bear. Tao visits Kibi and cries tears of joy because the surgery was a success. At the Black Market, Legoshi accidentally runs into Louis and the Shishigumi. While alone, Legoshi tries to persuade Louis to leave this life, but he insists that he was always a part of it. At the drama club, Riz's hypocrisy and nice bear act infuriates Legoshi, but Pina steps in to calm things down.
22 JP: The Chef's Suspense (シェフの気まぐれサスペンス, Shefu no kimagure sasupensu?)
March 11, 2021 (JP) While preparing dinner for his roommates, Riz reflects on what happened with Tem and the situation of Legoshi and Pina knowing he is the culprit. Haru and Legoshi have a talk and he vows to not let her be unhappy anymore. After a traumatizing encounter with Riz in the bathroom, Pina gives a stunning performance during rehearsal, leaving the drama club members stunned. Riz and Legoshi get into an intense fight, but circumstances cause them to postpone their fight until New Year's Eve.
23 JP: Scatter Your Scales (あなた鱗粉振りまいて, Anata rinpun furimaite?)
March 18, 2021 (JP) Legoshi eats a live caterpillar, causing his fur to grow back. He disguises himself as a woman to go to the Black Market and tell Louis about his upcoming duel. As Riz goes off to meet with Legoshi, Pina intercepts him to coax and record a confession about killing Tem from him, but Riz discovers the setup. Finally, just before they clash, Riz shows Legoshi bloodstains on his shirt and hands to provoke him. Louis decides to leave the Shishigumi to go help Legoshi, but Ibuki won't let him leave so easily.
24 JP: The Taste of Rebellion (革命の馳走, Kakumei no chisō?)
March 25, 2021 (JP) Ibuki gives Louis an ultimatum - to kill him or be killed by him. Free arrives and kills Ibuki, but warns Louis never to come back to the Black Market. As they fight, Legoshi is close to losing to Riz. During a short intervention by Louis who offers Legoshi to eat his right foot, Legoshi's full strength is achieved, enabling him to hold his own. Pina frees himself and calls the police. Riz declares Legoshi the winner and stops the fight at the stroke of New Year's Eve with a new understanding of each other. Legoshi and Riz are jailed, but Legoshi receives an early release, while Louis makes a recovery. Legoshi tells Haru that he will drop out of school, whereupon Haru challenges him to consider what this will mean for their relationship.
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