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Here you can see a list of all Beastars volumes and chapters.

# Title Volume Cover Release (JP) Release (EN)
1 Introduction upon the Full Moon
Cover Jap 01.jpg
January 6, 2017 July 16, 2019
2 To Stroke One's Fur the Wrong Way
3 A Disturbance in the Mist
4 A Moderately Bad Day Even for a Bunny Rabbit
5 Hey, It's Us
6 A Star Among Beasts
7 Wildlife Sanctuary Level 100
8 The Godmother Sighs
Cover Jap 02.jpg
April 7, 2017 September 17, 2019
9 The Wind Rises (Behind Closed Doors)
10 Privacy Offstage
11 Like Glass on Your Gums
12 A Radiant Despot
13 Yin-Yang Stripes
14 The Scent of the Holy Grail
15 Warm Proof of Kinship
16 Burning Retribution
17 Howl Reluctance Syndrome
Cover Jap 03.jpg
May 8, 2017 November 19, 2019
18 The Beasts' Bon Festival in the Summer
19 Bow Wow Your Name
20 The Customer Who Sits Next to Me
21 Resonance with the Outside World
22 Together with Bill's Shadow
23 Falling Down the Stairs of Adulthood
24 Visualized Reality
25 My Eyes Filled with Tears, My Heart Filled with Sorrow
26 That Day with Mister Bambi
Cover Jap 04.jpg
July 7, 2017 January 21, 2020
27 How Clothes Should Fit
28 The Brilliance of Emotions
29 Refreshing Wind from the Passing of a Metro Train
30 An Animal Tamer with Nerves of Steel
31 Shocking Pink Ambition
32 Turn Off the Lights
33 To Make a Solemn Vow
34 A Meek Bodyguard
35 The Physiology of Taste
Cover Jap 05.jpg
October 6, 2017 March 17, 2020
36 To Raise a Fist
37 Gathering Rain Clouds
38 White Fur on a Piece of Lined Paper
39 I Wanna Hold You
40 Overflowing Heart, Bursting Lungs
41 Large Loyalty
42 Together in the Thick Night
43 Automatic Youth
44 Cemented by Warm Sweat
Cover Jap 06.jpg
December 9, 2017 May 19, 2020
45 A Black Hole Beneath Her Eyelashes
46 Dominance Through Contrast
47 Only the Wind Knows
48 In the Lingering Summer Heat
49 The Pups Who Transcended Old Tradition
50 Othello of Fire
51 Life Tastes Like Heavy Lead
52 Two Dangerous Egotists
53 A Cornered Rat Bites the Cat
Cover Jap 07.jpg
February 8, 2018 July 21, 2020
54 Catching a Faint Sound
55 Eve Has Eaten the Apple
56 The Savior's Seduction
57 Two Hearts in Harmony
58 A Drop of Milk in Black Coffee
59 Raison d'être of a Glorifier
60 A Deep and Philanthropistic World
61 You're Like a Moth Flying Under the Moonlight
62 The Resolve to Change Your Appearance
Cover Jap 08.jpg
May 8, 2018 September 15, 2020
63 Lighting Oil on Fire!
64 A Dancer Does Not Need Pointe Shoes
65 The Value of Nonexistent Genes
66 A Burial in a Windy Coast
67 Alternating the Currents of Dentition
68 Limp Teeth Meets Invigorated Hands
69 The Tin Can Phone Line is Dying
70 Civilization's Cradle
71 Just an Ordinary Day
Cover Jap 09.jpg
July 6, 2018 November 17, 2020
72 Burning White Flames
73 A "Wolf" with Good Lineage
74 An Aloof Knight
75 To Unwind a Grandfather Clock
76 A Cappricco and a Cry for the Moon
77 The Naivete of a Honey Hunt
78 A Garden of Organic Fruit
79 A Lingerie-to-Lingerie Talk
80 The Decision to Smile
Cover Jap 10.jpg
September 7, 2018 January 19, 2021
81 A Pair of Eyes as Dark and Round as Soup Bowls
82 Across the Universe
83 A Hug from You is Worth More than My Bed
84 Turbulence-inducing Claw Strikes
85 Is Our Blood Divided By Sewage?
86 A Comet in this Abyss
87 The New Star Wins the Award for Best Supporting Actor
88 Hell Hath no Fury
89 Stains on a Chopping Board: Traces of a Dream
Cover Jap 11.jpg
November 8, 2018 March 16, 2021
90 The Old Year and the New Year of My Soul
91 The Howl of a Guardian Deity
92 You are the Prince of Beasts
93 A Piece of Golden Hair on My Shirt, Now in My Pocket
94 Beast School Wars
95 A Drop of 18-times Concentrate
96 I Give You My Crimson Cross Section
97 We Were Just Out Eating
98 Meeting Eyes with Myself Twenty Years into the Future
Cover Jap 12.jpg
February 8, 2019 May 18, 2021
99 A Leader with a Black Mane
100 What Happens When You Bust a Tire in a Very Full Train?
101 Living Condition: Raising a Stray Dog
102 Was It Fire that Made His Body Black?
103 Seeds Scatter Like Rain
104 A Lethal Dose of Love, Marmalade Flavored
105 Born to be Eaten
106 Scales that Reflect the Light of the Moon
107 Inherited Sanpaku Eyes that Determine the Fate of Love
Cover Jap 13.jpg
April 8, 2019 July 20, 2021
108 Caribbean Neighborhood
109 An Oxygen-Depriving Date with a Merman
110 I Don't Know What Beer Tastes Like
111 His Marble-Like Eyes are Blurred Like Frosted Glass
112 A Shower of Antitoxic Mist
113 A Body Filled with Purity and Whimsy
114 Friend, Shall I Bow Before You with My Tongue on the Floor?
115 Tonight, I Feel More Like a Bunny than She Does (Now Dig In)
116 A Dancing Boy's Introspection
Cover Jap 14.jpg
July 8, 2019 September 21, 2021
117 An Altar of Beta-Carotene
118 A Machine Gun Without Ammo
119 If You Pour Out All the Lukewarm Water, You'll Be Left with Cold Water
120 A Shout in the Evening Like a Baby's First Cry
121 The Neck of an Hourglass: Ascending with You
122 A Requiem Can Sound like a Hymn if You Listen Hard Enough
123 Our Tails, Afterimages Etched into Our Skulls
124 The More Colors are Mixed in Paint, the Blacker It Gets
125 A Monster's Threatening Letter with a Noshi Attached
Cover Jap 15.jpg
October 10, 2019 November 16, 2021
126 A Devil's Prayer is a Premonition of Bad Luck
127 Spots like a Mystical Beast Under a Disco Ball
128 A "Danger Mixture" Made to Counteract Against a Gas Outbreak
129 Jumping out of a Dream of an Annunciation
130 His Lead-Colored Prosthetic Leg is Sometimes Rainbow-Colored Under the Sun
131 A Forcibly-worn Flower Crown Made of Silver Vine
132 You Call Me by My Name as if I'm Already Dead
133 The High Tide Swallows the Beach's Sand
134 Final Contact
Cover Jap 16.jpg
December 6, 2019 January 18, 2022
135 Sweet Steam and Green Peppers
136 Our Electric Cardiogram is a Straw Ripped to Pieces
137 A Departure from La La Land
138 A Transient 21,500 Years
139 Running Across the Twilit Fields
140 Acting Direction in a Tragedy
141 A Mermaid's Song with Bubbles
142 100 Years of Life for an Animal?!
143 Her Breasts So Translucent the Light of the TV Passes Through Them
Cover Jap 17.jpg
January 8, 2020 March 15, 2022
144 I Am a Feline
145 A Body Without Privacy
146 An El Niño in My Desert
147 Wipe Off Your Drool Before Saying Sweet Nothings
148 When I Woke Up I Thought Morning Would Come
149 The Second Coming of the White Fox
150 Oh My Big Daddy!
151 Please Listen to "Comedians' Gallop" When Reading This Chapter
152 A Question of Self-Harming School Regulations: Claw Marks on the Wall
Cover Jap 18.jpg
April 8, 2020 May 17, 2022
153 Howl of the Losing Dogs: A Fine Melody
154 Jack-Sensei's History Classroom
155 The Yolk Forever in Our Heart
156 Though the Time Bomb Was Quietly Ticking Away
157 Adler Appears Without a Scene Change
158 An Unheard-of Word
159 Following Tracing Lines for Their Purity
160 The Uncertainty of a Loyal Son
161 In Awe of Ignorance
Cover Jap 19.jpg
July 8, 2020 July 19, 2022
162 An Early Afternoon with a Good Wife and Wise Mother
163 Don't Look Down, Your Hair Will Get into Your Eyes
164 A Drop of Ashura's Tears
165 The Answer to Chapter 65 is ERROR
166 Please Give Me Your Body's Fate
167 Crazy Party Quiz Show
168 The Final Answer for Both
169 Who Else Called that a "Giraffe Frankfurter"?
170 The Endless Table Manners
Cover Jap 20.jpg
August 6, 2020 September 20, 2022
171 Staring into My Lips and Threatening Me
172 Red, the Color of Rexmas
173 ××××××× as the Snow Melts
174 A Heroic Story of Blood Spraying in the Air
175 Fire Meet Gasoline
176 Diffused Reflected Lights Inside the Scales
177 Let's Go Surfing Tonight!
178 Remote Battle
179 The Power Under the Heels
Cover Jap 21.jpg
October 8, 2020 November 15, 2022
180 It's a Full Moon, So Leave It to Me
181 Leopard Spots Like Floating Oil Slicks
182 Who Did You See During the Sunset on the Road to School that Day?
183 Our Own Planetarium
184 We Watch the Flowers as They Blossom into Ripe Fruit
185 Rescuing the Prince from the Transmission Tower
186 A Black Parachute that Was Made to be Opened at This Day
187 An Examination of the Phrase "Running Like a Rabbit"
188 Raise Your Neglectful Hand
Cover Jap 22.jpg
January 8, 2021 January 17, 2023
189 The Rose Withered by Overnutrition!!
190 Be Stars
191 What if You Were Melon-kun from Class 2-C?
192 The Path of Evil
193 Part of Your World
194 Eternity Until Every Window Turns Dark
195 The Last One-on-one Battle of the Mammals
196 The Story of a Wolf and a Rabbit