Legom (レゴム, Regomu?) is a side character in Beastars. She sells her unfertilized eggs to the school shop at Cherryton Academy.


Legom is a robust white hen, has a crest in the pileus and some lobes that hang on both sides of the beak and has very thin legs, in addition to her student uniform is seen wearing pajamas.


Being a bit of a perfectionist and trying to juggle her part-time job and school, Legom takes great pride in the quality of her eggs. Legom states that she produces eggs not for the sake of providing protein for carnivores, but for the sake of her own dignity as a hen.


  • Legom's side story is the first world-building chapter of the manga.
  • Paru Itagaki always wears a large Legom's mask when she has to leave her home. This has led some fans to speculate that Legom could be the authoress's self-insert.
    • Additionally, she always draws herself as Legom in all the Beastars omakes about her writing process.


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