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Leano (レアノ, Reano?) was Legoshi's mother and Gosha's daughter and a recurring character in Beastars. She was a half-gray wolf and half-Komodo dragon hybrid. She briefly appears as a spirit in the later chapters and is seen speaking to Legoshi while he has an out-of-body experience at a hospital.


She was a beautiful gray wolf/Komodo dragon hybrid. However, she did not show any signs of being part reptilian until she was 19 years old, when scales began to show under her fur. Her pupils were large and she had long lashes.


Leano was concerned with her looks, which stems from the fact that society favors beautiful animals above anything else. She was embarrassed to be seen with her father, a Komodo dragon, and pretended to be a full-blooded gray wolf throughout her childhood.

After her death, she was filled with a great remorse for the fact that she chose to die for the sake of her appearance instead of living for her son. Her new wish is for Legoshi and Gosha to live better lives than she did.

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  • When Leano grew older, scales began to show under her fur until it covered up over half her body when Legoshi was 12.
  • She was very popular in her school years because of her beauty.
  • It is presumed she committed suicide because she loathed being "ugly".
  • Leano was always a single mother. She even admitted to not remember the wolf she slept with to have Legoshi.
  • When Leano's spirit visited Legoshi while he had an out-of-body experience, she had the appearance of a purebred gray wolf, looking like how she would have looked like if her reptilian heritage did not manifest on her body throughout her adulthood.
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