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Kai (カイ, Kai?) is a minor character in Beastars and student at Cherryton Academy. Originally an actor in the drama club, he was later demoted to the stage crew by Louis.


Kai is a small, brown-furred mongoose with a slender build and face. His features are small but expressive.


Kai is eager, brash and desperate to prove himself. Driven to a fault, he's shown to be somewhat selfish. He expressed little sorrow after Tem's death, instead seeing it as an opportunity to advance his career as he assumed that he would be given the role.

He is also impulsive and quick to anger. When he learned that Tem's role was given to someone else, he stormed into Louis's office and demanded to know why, ignoring any formalities. Furthermore, when Louis gave him a dressing down for his previous onstage gaffes and informed him he was being transferred to the stage crew, he almost immediately struck Louis in rage only for Legoshi to intervene. When he attempted to threaten Legoshi, Kai quickly backed down in fear upon seeing the wolf bear his fangs, showing that Kai may be more bark than bite.

Despite the blow to his ego, Kai mellows out considerably after he finds that he fits in well as a stagehand.

Though somewhat selfish, he is not without sympathy, as he does show concern for Legoshi after the Shishigumi incident.


  • In Episode 3 of the anime, he says that he was abandoned as a newborn by his own parents and raised into a family of hyenas.


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