Juno (ジュノ, Juno?) is a main character in Beastars and is a member of the drama club on the actor team. An affable she-wolf, she wished to become the next Beastar, competing against Louis.


Juno is a gray wolf, with long and curly fur, making her look different from a typical wolf. She has been seen wearing different dresses throughout the series, such as her school uniform which is composed of a white dress and a bow tie around the collar. During the practices of the drama club she usually wears a white shirt and red shorts.

During the presentation of the Meteor Festival, Juno wore a very stylized ball gown, made up of a long sleeveless dress with chains on the left side, the skirt has the right side with ruffles and the left side with a line pattern, a headdress of feathers with a veil, a choker and chains on the left thigh, plus party makeup on the face.

Casual outfits usually consist of long-sleeved blouses and knee-length skirts, in addition to low-heeled shoes.


Juno is quite social and is shown to treat all animals with kindness. She is described as having a natural charisma. However, she has also shown to be a very ambitious person, and showed a completely different side to her usually perky self towards Louis, whom she intimidated.

She is very idealistic and believes in creating a better world for carnivores where they are praised for their true strength instead of being feared. Juno can be quite jealous and possessive and would do anything it takes to be the next Beastar as well as claim Legoshi for herself.


  • Juno's name could possibly derive from the Roman goddess, wife of Jupiter and known as protectress of women and marriage which refers to her romantic nature and how quickly she falls in love with boys. It can also be rendered in kanji as 寿乃 or 珠暢 which mean "you live long" or "long pearl".
    • Depictions of the Roman goddess Juno always show her with a cloak made out of wolf fur.
  • Juno is the only main character in the series whose family isn't mentioned or explored.
  • Although she competed for the Beastar title, she eventually gave up on it, seeing that it was no competition for Louis.
  • In exclusive omakes, Paru Itagaki has written that Juno was created as a foil to Haru, and was given more traditional traits of beauty. She, however, found this direction uninteresting until Juno took action in Chapter 31, which was when Itagaki "started to love her character."
  • Her looks are inspired by a young Winona Ryder. Itagaki writes in the Volume 4, Chapter 34.5 omake that "she has the sweet eyes of a child, but she's got an iron will."


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