Jinma (ジンマ, Jinma?) is a minor secondary character in Beastars. He is an active member of the Shishigumi.


Jinma is a Maasai lion with a dark, circle marking around his right eye and a mane that is cut short. Like the other members of the Shishigumi, Jinma is usually seen wearing a suit and tie.


Like the other members he is proud to be a lion and a part of the Shishigumi. He seems to be more on the serious side, but not to the same extent as Dolph.


According to Dolph, all the lions of Shishigumi were born and raised in the Black Market. Not much else is known about his past.


  • He is the only member to have a short mane.
  • When introducing the Shishigumi members to Legoshi, Louis described Jinma to be very knowledgeable about the Black Market.
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