Jack (ジャック, Jakku?) is a main character in Beastars. He is Legoshi's close childhood friend.


He is a light yellow Labrador with a slender build, and throughout the series he has been seen wearing different clothes, but usually he is seen wearing a male school uniform.

When Legoshi dropped out of school, he has been shown to often dress in Legoshi's old clothes, which are too big for him.


Most of the time, Jack is a joyful, fun-loving and affable. Jack is a little naive with his surroundings; with Tem's death he started to see how the herbivores began to have a little fear towards the carnivores, but he did not take much notice of this. He is worried about Legoshi, who in spite of being a quiet wolf, his appearance seems terrifying to others.

Jack and Legoshi are childhood friends. They met at a playground where Jack could not get along with the other children, but Legoshi was the only one who offered his hand to play. Since then Jack has been a faithful friend, always watching over the state of Legoshi and worrying about his well-being.

With Cherryton Academy being an elite school, Jack is quite diligent in his schoolwork, being the hardest-working of his dorm. Currently, he is the smartest student in his year.

Since he was little, Jack has been shown to look down upon his own heritage, with his species being the result of artificial tinkering with wolf DNA (dogs were made during the war in order to introduce a new species of carnivore with great intelligence and diminished aggression). Because of this, he developed well-concealed feelings of envy and resentment towards Legoshi, seeing him as a superior relative. Later, these negative feelings regarding his species evolved into the belief that his condition as a dog corrupted his emotions and placated his empathy. He claimed that he could not cry honestly, so he peeled onions to force his tear ducts open.

When Legoshi returned to Cherryton, he noticed Jack seemed wearier than before. During this time, Jack came to fear other dogs and their potential for apathy. Legoshi later saved Jack when he attempted to commit suicide by eating onions, which are poisonous to dogs.


  • Formally named in Chapter 6.
  • He had a fight with Legoshi as kids which led to their friendship.
  • Jack is the only main character that has not visited the Black Market.
  • He sends his family a letter concerning his condition and well-being at least once a month.


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