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Ibuki (イブキ, Ibuki?) was an antagonist in the Meteor Festival arc and later a recurring character in the Murder Incident Solution arc in Beastars. He was a member of the Shishigumi.


Ibuki's tattoos.

Ibuki is a Maasai lion in his mid-thirties with an athletic build. He has light golden-yellow fur, light brown mane, and sharp, slanted eyes with small black pupils. Ibuki has tattoos on the left side of his body from his time as a child going to be used for making hyperdrugs.

Like other members of the Shishigumi, Ibuki is usually seen wearing a suit and tie. He also wears glasses.


Ibuki is intelligent and loyal towards his boss and comrades. When it comes to Louis, Ibuki is shown to be caring and protective. However, he still knows not to overstep his boundaries as Louis's subordinate. He also has hidden insecurities as a result of the ideology of the former boss of the Shishigumi.

Ibuki was sold as hyperdrug material at the age of 12, but ran away, living alone the Black Market until he joined the Shishigumi at age 18. During his time in the organization, he always tried to get along with everyone and his boss; it was not to seek a high position, but to unite them as a family. This was not possible under the command of the first boss, who made him project an aura of oppression that made herbivores around him look at him in fear. Once Louis took control of the Shishigumi, Ibuki did everything he could to be friends with Louis and to protect him, but without overstepping his boundaries as he was the head of the organization. Ibuki contained his desire to hunt him as a sign of respect, as Louis improved the Shishigumi's reputation and increased their influence in the Black Market.


  • The name Ibuki comes from the Japanese name of Juniperus chinensis. It is a tree species belonging to the Cupressaceae family, native to Northeast and central East Asia.
  • Ibuki was the one who made Louis the new boss of the Shishigumi and who supported him the most.
    • He buys Louis a salad when he notices him getting thin from not being able to eat meat.
    • He shields Louis's eyes when the Shishigumi witness a live castration.
  • Louis saves two hairs from Ibuki's mane, keeping them as a memento after his death.


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