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The holidays/festivals that take place in the Beastars universe.

Meteor Festival

The purpose of the Meteor Festival (隕石祭, Inseki-sai?) is to honor the dinosaurs' spirits, which are believed to have gone extinct one summer by the impact of a meteorite. Although in the modern era this has become a facade for the most part on the last day of the festival as couples place candles inside a structure that simulates the meteorite that extinguished the dinosaurs so that they are together forever.

Odd Soul Festival

The Odd Soul Festival (奇魂祭, Ki tamamatsuri?) is a festival celebrated in odd months (January, March, May, July, September and November), celebrated to purify the souls of herbivores who give thanks for not having been eaten by a carnivore this year, and to pray that they are not eaten in the future. Herbivores revere a frozen bone of a prehistoric herbivore (Brachiosaurus) as a deity, which they put into a tank of water, turning it into a sort of holy water.

Herbivores must offer a coin to the sanctuary to be protected until the next odd month. If they so choose, they also have the option to buy an amulet that will protect them. If they do not do this, they are totally unprotected from the deity, and they will be prone to be a carnivore's next victim.[1]

Animal Society Basic Knowledge Quiz Contest

The Animal Society Basic Knowledge Quiz Contest (獣社会基礎知識クイズ対決, Kemono shakai kiso chishiki kuizu taiketsu?) is a contest that is carried out every time new challengers appear to participate in the turf wars celebrated on Meat-Loving Day in the Black Market. These contests are administered by the Black Market Residents' Association, who have the duty to judge if the new challengers have enough knowledge about the animal world to be able to participate in turf wars, because the participating groups must have optimal control over their territories and avoid conflicts with animals belonging to the territory in possession. Legoshi is the first challenger to want to participate in turf wars. As of late, the last time a contest was held is approximately 20 years ago; who participated that time is unknown.[2]

Meat-Loving Day

Meat-Loving Day (愛肉の日, Ai niku no hi?) is a festival with the sole purpose of honoring meat. It takes place every last Friday of each month. It's a festival that takes place only in the Black Market, because it is the only place where these practices are allowed. Criminal groups use this festival to carry out territorial wars and demonstrate their hegemony in the Black Market. The process to determine the power of a group in the market is to collect the blood of its members and light a torch on them. The smell of the burned blood that is the strongest will be declared as the winning group. The Shishigumi has long led the Market due to this festival.[3]


Rexmas (レクスマス, Rekusumasu?) is a public holiday due to the belief that after the meteorite fell that completely wiped out dinosaurs in prehistoric times, a dinosaur (T-Rex) came back to life, developing wings and in this way evolved into a bird. In this way it is believed that the species managed to survive until today. It is a day to celebrate the birthday of that dinosaur, which is shared with family and friends, to be grateful for life, thanks to the brave dinosaur.[4]


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