Haru's father (ハルのお父さん, Haru no otōsan?) is a minor recurring character in Beastars.


He's a middle-aged dwarf rabbit with white fur and wears reading glasses. His outfit consists of a collared shirt, and a light-colored sweater and pants.


Not much is known about him, but he's a loving husband and father. He constantly worries about Haru for he wanted for her to attend an all-girls university for herbivores. It's because of his worrying that Haru doesn't mention her relationship with Legoshi at first.

Despite initially fearing Legoshi, he quickly warms up to the gray wolf. He picks up the subtle polite things Legoshi did, such as putting away his shoes, hiding his claws and fangs and even quickly turning conversation fumbles into jokes.

Family tree

Haru's Father
Haru's Mother
Haru's sister
Haru's brother
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