Here are the different established relationships of Haru's Father with the other characters, during the course of the publication of manga and anime.

Main Relationships

His Wife

It is unknown how it was that they both met in their youth, but what has been shown now as a married couple is that they both have great appreciation and affection. Both trust each other and that is why their marriage has been relatively successful, forming a great family.

Haru's sister and brother

The interactions between her children are not shown much, so it must be assumed that like Haru, she loves them very much.


He loves his daughter, and acts like a typical father who considers his daughter too young to have a boyfriend. He really isn't aware of his promiscuous reputation at school, though.

Others Relationships


Although initially surprised by his "friendship" with his daughter, Haru's father remained calm and carefully observed Legoshi's behavior. Paying special attention to his manners, and finding him very pleasant and respectful, to the point of not objecting to the wolf's feelings towards his daughter and inviting him to dinner at some other time.

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