Him past is unknown, just as his name is not mentioned throughout the series, the little that is known about him is thanks to various comments about him daughter Haru.

Meteor Festival arc

He is mentioned by her daughter Haru, when she is mentally drafting her will before being eaten by Chief Lion, at the Shishigumi criminal group's mansion.

Murder Incident Solution arc

On New Year's Eve night, he was celebrating New Years Eve with his family.[1]

At the end of the winter holidays, Haru's father and his family were in the middle of a dinner, talking about Haru's entrance to the university. He recommended that she attend a college for herbivores or women only, as he thought it was too soon for her daughter to have a boyfriend, causing an awkward situation when Haru's brother mentions that she has spoken to her boyfriend (referring to Legoshi) in eve night new years. Almost immediately, his wife alerted Haru that Legoshi was in the doorway, but before his wife could finish saying the name, Haru nervously interrupted her to come see him, causing his father to suspect the worst.[2]

Revenge of the Love Failure arc

One night, Haru's father was chatting with his wife about the growing statistics regarding interspecies marriages, commenting that Haru was a smart girl and would not do such a thing. His wife asked him to come out to pass the circular notice and then he discovered Haru and Legoshi exchanging schedules; leaving him in shock. Seeing him, Legoshi became very nervous while Haru introduced him as a friend from Cherryton Academy. Despite the commotion, Haru's father invited them both to the house for dinner; Although Haru tried to avoid it, Legoshi quickly accepted excitedly.

At dinner, although Haru's father suspects that Legoshi is more than a "friend from the academy" for Haru, he decides not to pry into the matter. Later, Legoshi appreciated the food and said goodbye, but before he could leave, Haru's father offered to take him to the train station. On the way, stopping at a stoplight, Haru's father reported how police officers had been watching them suspiciously, calling them "ignorant" for thinking that Legoshi had him under threat simply because he was a wolf and he was a rabbit. Legoshi responded by confessing that he was in love with Haru, and although Haru's father was surprised, he did not reply immediately; reflecting on Legoshi's good behavior during dinner. Upon arriving at the station, Legoshi thanked him for the transportation, and Haru's father invited him to dine with them some other day, assuring him that he would have a pair of chopsticks for him.[3]


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