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Gosha (ゴーシャ, Gōsha?) is a side character in Beastars. He is Legoshi's grandfather and Leano's father, appearing in the later half of the manga.



Gosha is a tall Komodo dragon with an athletic build and green scales all throughout his body that are described as "jewels" by Legoshi's grandmother. Despite his elderly age, he is shown to be in great physical shape. His eyes are also similar to his grandson's, as Legoshi inherited his grandfather's small irises after becoming a teenager.


He is a calm individual who would rather avoid conflict than face it head-on. The only exception to this is when someone hurts his family. This was not true in his earlier years, however.


  • Venom: Gosha is able to produce a powerful venom that he secretes from glands in his mouth. He takes care to limit the exposure of his venom to those around him, due to its potency. However, it's been demonstrated that his direct relatives share an immunity to its effects. It's been shown that Gosha's venom has corrosive properties, though to what extent is currently unknown.
  • Claws: TBA

Family tree

Female gray wolf


  • As a teenager, Gosha was Yahya's most trusted partner, being able to cover his one blind spot in a fight and add additional support with his venom.
  • In his first appearance as an obscured silhouette, Gosha's hand did not appear as scaly as it is depicted later upon his full reveal. This was most likely done by Paru Itagaki to obscure his true species to the readers.
  • In Chapter 104, Legoshi's stated that his poison "tastes like marmalade."


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