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Gohin (ゴウヒン, Gōhin?) is a main character in Beastars. He works as a doctor and therapist for carnivores.


Gohin is a large, muscular, giant panda. He has a scar on his left cheek and across his right eye, which, though not visible, he lost during his job capturing savage carnivores. Although he is a doctor, he is rarely seen wearing typical doctor attire, preferring to wear casual clothing instead. He is seen carrying weapons such as a bamboo crossbow.


Gohin is shown to have a rather strict personality, and he doesn't hesitate to tell Legoshi off for being reckless or ignorant. However, he is also reasonable and has a sense of humor.


  • Bamboo Crossbow: Gohin used it to fight enemies. He saved Legoshi by shooting at the carnivore that assaulted him.
  • Mighty net: He fights and captures savage carnivores using it.
  • Bamboo Machine Gun: A belt-fed machine gun that uses bamboo instead of wooden parts.

Skills and abilities

  • Crossbowman: Gohin has shown to be a skilled crossbow user. Having shot a Shishigumi member from a long distance.
  • Hunter: Gohin displays being capable of capturing wild carnivores, be it by fighting with his strength or capturing them with his net. Later training Legoshi by having him do this as well.


Gohin works as a makeshift "doctor" for the carnivores of the Black Market.

With such a stressful and dangerous job he made the decision to leave his wife and child five years prior to work in the market.


  • Gohin is a med school graduate.
  • According to Gohin, he lost much of his back hair due to his tenure as a back-alley doctor.
  • Gohin appears to own an assorted range of weapons, including a crossbow made of bamboo and at least one firearm.


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