The Gardening club (園芸部, Engei-bu?), according to Haru, used to have two other members, but they graduated 4 years ago and no one ever joined since.

Club Related Characters


Haru is the club's sole member and de facto leader.


This was the first time Legoshi met Haru face to face. Legoshi went with Kibi to get flowers for the drama club, but was abandoned soon after, leaving him face to face with Haru. Haru was more than happy to help give Legoshi the flowers he needed if she got a bit of help around the garden.


Louis went to hide in the club because his antlers shed earlier than he expected. When Haru came, he tried to bribe her to keep quiet. They started having occasional friends-with-benefits intercourse in the shed since then, which ended when Legoshi got involved with Haru.


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