Galom (ガロム, Garomu?) is a main character in Beast Complex. He is the protagonist of the third chapter.


He is a fairly tall camel with a light brown coat. His clothing shown in the series is a light blue shirt with a pocket on the left side, blue pants and black shoes. He also wears glasses.


Galom at first glance seems to be someone quite shy, however, he is someone full of courage and determination due to the effort he gives when achieving a goal. This is shown when he dared to ask Abby on the desire of carnivores to eat a herbivore, all with the aim of presenting a good article for the newspaper for which he works. Although this same determination usually affects third parties for not measuring their words. Despite this, he is quite sociable and likes to interact a lot with those around him.


  • Galom is the first protagonist of Beast Complex who is a herbivore.
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