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Free (フリー, Furī?) is a minor secondary character in Beastars. He was an active member of the Shishigumi before it disbanded.


Free is an Indian lion with light golden-yellow fur and a scar over his right eye. His other distinctive features are his lack of visible pupils, and his strawberry-blond mane which is styled into a pompadour. He also has great tattoos on various areas of his body; such as "猫邪羅死" from his collarbone to his stomach, and his shoulders have lion paw prints. Free has a rather wild body language, implying that he has a somewhat wild, fierce, and in some ways a lively personality.

Like other members of the Shishigumi, Free is usually seen wearing a suit and tie. Free has one of the most distinguishable physical appearances of the Shishigumi and his figure is the most recognizable in the entire organization.

In the anime, his appearance of is somewhat less aggressive than his manga counterpart. The scar on his right eye is somewhat less noticeable, his eyes have pupils and his suit is brown.


Free is a very eccentric lion who usually does not care about many things as long as they do not affect him, but he is a "good person" despite being under the command of two different leaders. He always showed them respect, especially Louis, who despite being an herbivore, contained his instincts as a priority of the organization. Another symbol of respect was shown during the Shishigumi's last blow, where he obtained orders from his partner Ibuki, to stop him in case he tried to attack Louis. Free was paying attention to this as he was watching Louis during all that time and the moment Ibuki tried to eat Louis. Free bravely stopped Ibuki and took Louis to another place so that he could leave the organization and have a better life, but with the warning that he will eat Louis alive if he sees him in the Black Market again.


  • When introducing the Shishigumi members to Legoshi, Louis described Free by saying that he likes female lions and violence. He also likes to play billiard.
  • Like other members of the Shishigumi, Free is a silver vine addict. He is seen sniffing the plant before a turf war with a group of wolves to give himself a boost.
  • The tattoo on his chest says "猫邪羅死" (Nekojarashi), which means "cat teaser" and refers to a bristly plant that is used by cat owners to play with their pets.


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