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Scatter Your Scales (あなた鱗粉振りまいて, Anata rinpun furimaite?) is the twenty-third episode of the Beastars anime and the eleventh episode of Season 2.


Legoshi eats a live caterpillar, causing his fur to grow back. He disguises himself as a woman to go to the Black Market and tell Louis about his upcoming duel. Pina and Riz have a meeting and he tears down a hidden camera so no one can know what he is about to do. Riz and Legoshi are about to duel and Riz shows him something to get a reaction out of him. Louis decides to leave the Shishigumi to go help Legoshi, but Ibuki won't let him leave so easily.


A disguised Legoshi talks to Louis.

Wanting to get stronger, Gohin tells Legoshi that there is a way and makes Legoshi get some insects. As Legoshi prepares to eat them alive, he wonders if Gohin had eaten insects. Gohin explains that as a panda, he doesn't need protein and haven't eaten insects himself. Legoshi wonders if its okay to eat them just because they are insects and Gohin states that he is quite an arrogant person as he usually pushes his justice into others, but his fighting spirit as carnivore grows only for someone else. Legoshi takes a larva and eats it, he feels the taste of life, but then feels sick. A spirit moth appears next to him, blaming him for not being able to become adult and telling him not to throw up. Legoshi apologizes for disparaging the insect and is ready to take any punishment, however the moth states that insects doesn't have desires, but its important to respect life. Legoshi cries, wishing to have been born an insect. The moth states that insect life is also hard and tells Legoshi to live earnestly and take the moth into his blood and bones. Legoshi wakes up and Gohin tells him that he fainted after eating the larva and wonders if its addictive. Legoshi denies it and states he don't want to do it again. As he looks himself in the mirror, Legoshi tells Gohin that he wants to meat Louis as he will know who he is.

Riz start to feel the different tastes. As he prepares food for his roommates, they feel that he had grown bigger in the last week. Riz gets excited stating that he will face Legoshi as the beast he really is.

Ibuki asks Louis what head would be better stuffing for decoration: one with horns or one with mane, and explains that groups like them like to decorate their office with a rival's boss head. Ibuki comments that a rival group may come for Louis' head and Louis states in such case, Ibuki must die otherwise rumours would spread that his subordinate ate Louis. Ibuki states he will gladly give his life. Before going to the bathroom, Ibuki orders drinks, but Louis corrects the order, stating he don't like strong liquor. A woman then enters and sits next to Louis, who then notices the woman is Legoshi in disguise and gets angry at the crazy things he do. Ibuki returns and sees the woman and guesses she is hitting on Louis, but as she is ugly, he wonders what to do. Louis tells Ibuki to leave them, making Ibuki believe he isn't picky about women.

Legoshi reveals the culprit is Riz and that he will duel him. Louis wonders why he doesn't just give him to the police, but Legoshi insists its a fight between him and Riz. Legoshi asks Louis if he will be there to support him, but Louis states he won't and wants Legoshi to stay out of his life. Legoshi insists that Louis come, saying that he wants Louis to see how he lives or if its his last day, Louis to be there. Legoshi then gets up and tells him the duel will be under Gazura underpass at 11:00 p.m. on New Year's Eve and quickly leaves.

On New Year's Eve, going out, Riz smells out Pina and wonders if he will be coming to support him. Pina comments that if Riz loses, he may never see him again and wants to ask him something as its rare to meet a carnivore that ate his friend. Pina wonders if Riz planned on eating his friend or it was an impulse. Riz doesn't wish to answer and rips off a camera on the lamp post, commenting that Pina really meant his words when he said he doesn't care if Riz kills him. Legoshi prepares to leave for the fight and Gohin tells him that whatever he wins or loses, his life will dramatically change and that he is the only carnivore that came to understand the pain of both carnivores and herbivores, making him stronger. Legoshi thanks him for everything and leaves.

Returning to Shishigumi, Louis sees its a full moon and wonders if that's good or bad luck. A subordinate tells him its good luck, but apologizes that Louis got his face scratched because of him. Ibuki comments that Shishigumi had changed as carnivores become strong if they have something to protect. Louis states to himself that they have strong body and are tolerant and considerate. As they are hungry for meat, they always have a pained expression. Louis realizes he loves carnivores and if its due to Legoshi. Louis tells Ibuki that he is leaving Shishigumi as he needs to be to his loved one. Louis cannot compare Shishigumi with him, but needs to go as Legoshi is confronting what Louis escaped from. Ibuki wonders if he is realizing what he is saying and Louis confirms. Looking at Ibuki, he realizes that he has been always crouching to look smaller out of respect for Louis. Ibuki then suggest they go for a drive.

At the Gazura underpass, Legoshi and Riz face each other. Riz states he prepared the starting gong, but there is no point if he doesn't notice it. Riz comments that since Legoshi is always so tame, he wanted to turn his anger on if he wanted a serious fight. Legoshi smells blood and Riz opens his jacket to reveal blood on his shirt, stating that he is full after eating Pina.

In the car, Ibuki comments that Louis is the strongest boss he had seen and a strong beast. Ibuki comments that lion's strength is just a weapon and he had been even hurting himself with that. As he kept acting bigger than he was and feeding on fear from others, he turned into a black mass he couldn't handle. But then he met Louis and he had been amazed by him many times.

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