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In the Storm's Wake (夏嵐の後ろ姿, Karan no ushiro sugata?) is the twelfth episode of the Beastars anime and the final episode of Season 1.


After her instincts of wanting to be eaten cease, Haru apologizes to Legoshi for ruining the mood. They return to school, where Juno corners Haru and, after finding out they didn't have sex, challenges her for Legoshi's heart.


Haru still finds herself stuck in a position of forcing her arm at Legoshi's mouth but eventually her instincts cease and the two slowly withdraw. Haru apologizes as this was her first time her body acted like this but believes they can overcome it if they try again. Legoshi refuses to resume, fearful that it will end up badly again. Haru reasons that she feels guilty ruining the moment since she sees Legoshi with an erection. Legoshi turns around embarrassed and suggests they should just sleep instead. Haru obliges and walks off with his tank top, so she can wash it, while Legoshi feels stupid for believing they can be in a relationship just because he rescued her. Night passes with the two sleeping and leaving the hotel in the morning, having done nothing. Haru expresses her gratitude to Legoshi for saving her, and they continue to chat as they walk back to Cherryton Academy.

Legoshi is confined to the school's infirmary to treat his wounds. The housemother scolds Legoshi's actions and says she would have reported him to the school faculty if he returned 30 minutes later. Legoshi pleads to report Haru's kidnapping by the Shishigumi, but the housemother is more concerned of him spending the night with Haru. The two are interrupted by Juno's visit as she requests to privately talk with Legoshi. Juno approaches him and is awed of how Legoshi is now seen as a hero but Legoshi moves away from her advances. Recalling what he told her about how it's soothing when one animal makes contact with the same species, Juno claims this is what he needs and consents for him to hold her. But Legoshi sees no need as he surprisingly feels relaxed, leaving Juno to think that Legoshi may have already made love with Haru. When Juno exits the infirmary, she finally meets the rabbit in question. Juno politely excuses herself out of the way, assuming Haru plans to visit Legoshi. Haru nervously claims she has no business here and walks away. However, Juno trails her and Haru, sensing this, begins to run away from her until Juno grabs her hand at a staircase. Juno confronts Haru, questioning her if Haru believes she makes Legoshi happy. Haru scolds the female wolf for her forwardness and demands respect as she reveals herself as a senior. Juno apologizes and politely asks Haru if she really was the rabbit involved. Haru confirms and mocks Juno that she'll be able to make Legoshi happy while passing onto him that Juno is attracted to Legoshi as well with a smug look. Juno stands next to her and begins sniffing Haru's body, while Haru grows nervous. Juno concludes that Legoshi never had sex with Haru, leaving her able to compete for Legoshi's affection and is confident she'll defeat Haru tonight at the Meteor Festival.

Kai tells Legoshi that he can rest after he finishes his last task due to his wounds but Legoshi insists on continuing helping with the art department's equipment. But Kai irritatingly asks Legoshi to rest as to not worry to any more potential problems for the club again. Legoshi questions this, to which Sanu fills him in about losing all contact with Louis after his disappearance. Suddenly, Juno makes a grand visit to the club's tent wearing all of her makeup and beautiful costume which quickly catches the attention of everyone around. She inspires the group to give their best performance especially with Louis's absence. Legoshi, deep in thought of his faith in Haru, only offers good luck to Juno's upcoming performance before heading out. Juno reminds Kai that he'll manage to do her request for later.

As night sets in, Legoshi arrives at the center of the festival expecting Haru here after they both agreed yesterday to meet at sunset, but she is nowhere to be found. Haru remains at her flower shop, overwhelmed by recent events but is brought out of her stupor once the drama club's performance begins. Haru walks toward the crowd, all mesmerized by Juno's dance, while Legoshi continues to look for Haru nearby. When Haru watches Juno as well, she is drawn to a carnivore's strength and beauty. She realizes that neither being loved nor eaten by Legoshi was her biggest fear, it was admitting the fact that she was a small rabbit that caused her to avoid Legoshi. Now, she knows that Legoshi was the only one who truly accepted her, and she can no longer bear to be without him. Meanwhile, Legoshi is beginning to fear that Haru may have been kidnapped again but is able to faintly pick up her scent nearby. He tries to calculate how far away she is with his nose, but he finally finds her when Haru blocks his nose with her lifted hand. As Legoshi tries to muster up what to say, Haru volunteers to speak first just as the crowd applauds. In a loudspeaker, Juno thanks her audience and makes an announcement of introducing a hero. Kai is signaled to direct the spotlight toward Legoshi, interrupting their important confessions. Juno invites Legoshi up on stage for a hero's recognition, and Legoshi is pulled away by Tao. Once on stage, Legoshi loses sight of Haru from the large crowd. Legoshi whispers that he knew nothing about this sudden development but Juno ignores him and continues to tell the crowd about Legoshi's rescue of a herbivore, citing it as an example of carnivores' compassionate acts to always protect herbivores. Legoshi internally refutes her claim, after encountering the horrors from the Black Market and Shishigumi. Juno declares that a carnivore's hidden strong physique has great potential and that is their true nature. She ends her speech whilst she holds Legoshi's hand up in front of a cheering audience. Afterwards, Juno drags Legoshi to the meteor so that they could both light a candle together. Legoshi tries to dissuade her since they aren't a couple and people might get the wrong idea. But Juno knows that they won't be misunderstood as she wants Legoshi to not suffer any further by going through his struggles against society's darkness. She offers Legoshi to be with her once they place the candle as it would mean an end to a difficult life.

Haru slowly walks up the stairway, seeming to give up the hope of being in a relationship with Legoshi after Juno's move on him and that a relationship between their species would never be accepted. Letting Juno have her way with him would mean reverting back to her simple life, but she stops once he hears Legoshi calling her name. Angered, Haru questions why he would be here instead of being with Juno, since everyone finds them to be a perfect couple and asks to be left alone. Legoshi explains to Haru that while Juno is the same species, she doesn't really share Legoshi's pessimistic views and would rather have Haru be a part of it. Haru still refuses as she is guilt driven by all their terrible experience they've been through, but Legoshi believes all people will go through them. Haru tries to break ties by having Legoshi face the fact that their species are not meant to be together. Legoshi brings up his motives for rescuing Haru where he initially thought of her possessively as his prey which made him feel confused and fearful, but eventually Legoshi manages to find resolve as he declares he will never eat her. Haru asks him to stop as she doubts that is true and runs away before Legoshi could tell her why he's so sure. She continues to express doubts that a wolf won't eat a rabbit and to stop her pain Legoshi should just eat her, though Legoshi acknowledges that there is no guarantee, he tries to tell Haru he has a simple reason why he should be with her. Haru ends up at a place that looks over the city, as she faces Legoshi. Legoshi finally confesses that his love for her is the reason. He promises Haru that he will do whatever it takes to strengthen himself to overcome societal norms and his instincts. Haru assures him that she'll be waiting.

At the Meteor Festival, Juno stands alone upset at the meteor after Legoshi's rejection, but as she watches her fellow peers at the drama club all getting along well because of her, she smiles. Some time later, as life in Cherryton continues on after summer's end, Jack asks Legoshi how was summer for him overall. Legoshi simply replies that he wasn't able to eat any watermelon and suggests they should go get some. Jack is momentarily confused by this while Legoshi continues to look happy. Jack asks him to slow down due to his short legs. The school paper says that Louis is still missing.

In one of the school's bathrooms, an unknown carnivore prepares to leave. Near the bathroom sink, a trash bin contains an emptied pill packet and a crumpled paper. As the unknown carnivore walks down the school hallway, Legoshi cross paths with him and actually knows the carnivore. Legoshi tells him people were looking for him, presumably the drama club, and invites the carnivore to head there together. Legoshi pauses once he turns around and is confused as to why the carnivore is smiling for no reason.

Anime/Manga Differences

  • In the manga, after leaving the hotel, Legoshi and Haru go to the Meteor Festival grounds where they meet with several drama club members. In the anime, they go straight back to school.
  • During the Meteor Festival, Juno is standing in a tower in the manga, while in the anime, she is standing on a stage.
  • In the manga, Juno drags Legoshi over to her, but in the anime, Tao drags Legoshi over to Juno.