To the Neon District (ゆきゆきて 夏のネオン街, Yuki yukite natsu no neon-gai?) is the eleventh episode of the Beastars anime.


A ferocious Legoshi wreaks havoc to save Haru, while an unknown ally assists in their escape. Awkward timing causes some awkward situations afterwards.


Dom and Kibi inform Jack and his dormmates that Legoshi has officially gone missing after learning he never returned to the festival nor to his dorm. Dom then receives a phone call, informing him another club member has gone missing, prompting him to leave abruptly. As they ponder where Legoshi went, Jack finds Legoshi's beloved pet stag beetle in his cage dead, seeing it as a bad sign for Legoshi.

In a flashback, Jack is proud of Legoshi having taken care of the beetle as it crawls at Legoshi's palm. Legoshi feels that caring for it was only for his sake as whatever his actions, weak creatures would never completely feel safe around his species. Jack sees that this is what he feels around Haru. Legoshi recalls Haru's words to him about never truly knowing what it feels for Haru to always be in constant fear of death and affirms valid due to him being a carnivore. But if they are never meant to have a relationship, Legoshi questions what was the purpose of being born a wolf then. Jack answers that every animal of different species go through that struggle of finding their purpose in all walks of life. In the present, Legoshi continues battling the boss of the Shishigumi as he manages to bite Legoshi's arm. A distraught Haru fears for Legoshi's life and can't bring herself to leave him even as Legoshi tells her to. Legoshi manages to break off the lion's jaws and the two find themselves at a stalemate. Unable to incapacitate one another, both of them agree that they could only end it if one of them dies. Legoshi turns toward Haru, apologizing for what she's about to see. As Legoshi lets his feral instincts take control, his pet beetle's spirit appears at his hand before flying away. Legoshi charges several times as the lion tries his best to push him away, but Legoshi manages to grab onto his shoulders before finally biting down at his neck. The lion falls down on the floor as he struggles to break him off but Legoshi is able to tear the skin off his neck, seemingly killing him. Legoshi pants heavily as blood leaks from his fangs, while a visibly shaken Haru watches.

A battered and blood-stained Legoshi approaches Haru and offers his hand, so they could finally leave. When Haru accepts, she gets pulled into a hug as Legoshi is relieved of her well-being. But exhaustion consumes him and Legoshi drops on the floor, pinning Haru with him and is unable to push him up. Eventually, Legoshi gathers enough strength to walk out of the building while Haru tries to steady him. Outside, the two find Shishigumi members unconscious and tied up. Legoshi explains to Haru that he had help from Gohin. From the top balcony, the Shishigumi boss watches over and finds the two slowly exiting and prepares loading his gun, seizing the moment to finish off the wolf for his mistake of intentionally being merciful with his bite actually being non-fatal. The lion tries to get a careful aim at Legoshi's head, but a gunshot strikes his hand and when he turns to meet the shooter, a pistol is forcefully shoved inside his mouth held by Louis. Louis talks down on the lion by demanding that he show what a carnivore looks like begging for his life in fear. But as the lion struggles to do so, Louis pulls the trigger and finally kills him. Shishigumi members rush toward the scene and hold Louis at gunpoint demanding to know who he is and to drop his gun. Louis finds himself giving up on life after losing everything he had built up to this point as he introduces himself as his Black Market identity, "No.4", and sadistically offers himself to be devoured by the lions, telling them to be grateful as they eat him and to leave nothing but his antlers.

Haru watches a resting Legoshi at a bench and is relieved when Legoshi finally wakes up and expresses her guilt for endangering his life just to save her. Legoshi tries to reassure her but can't help but find relief for his hunger. The two head for nearby street vendors and order yakisoba for dinner. Haru admires Legoshi being self-sufficient as he actually hides his money inside his shoe, something taught to him by his grandfather. While Legoshi helps himself, Haru stares and cherishes the memory of this moment. Afterwards, both plan to head straight for the train station after eating but the store owner tells them that they already missed the last train for the night. This awkwardly prompts the two of them to find a place to sleep for the night.

When the clock strikes midnight, the housemother of the carnivore male dorm officially charges Legoshi in violation of leaving the dormitory without permission. The housemother asks Legoshi's dormmates for any sign of strange behavior as the cause, one which she suspects that Legoshi has shown interest in a small female student. Jack nervously tries to reject this as the cause, but the housemother believes it to be so, as she was notified of a missing female dwarf rabbit from another dorm. She brings up Legoshi's discarded backpack and finds books containing contents about rabbit behaviors and socializing with small animals that further support her suspicion. Jack's dormmates are surprised that it belongs to Legoshi. This finally has the housemother lashing out that a wolf and a rabbit are without question spending the night together which is potentially more problematic, all the while Jack's dormmates reassure themselves that Legoshi is alright.

Haru and Legoshi find an affordable love hotel to spend the night in, but Legoshi nervously points out that the place is part of a red-light district. Haru acknowledges this, but it's one of the few places that will accept mixed-species couples. Legoshi tries to excuse himself to sleep outside instead, as he feels Haru might not be comfortable sleeping with a carnivore after she was just kidnapped by one. But Haru doesn't feel scared as Legoshi was the one who rescued her and that Legoshi shouldn't either after defeating the mob boss. Legoshi reasons that he's aroused right now and awkwardly fears something regretful if they did sleep together in the same bed. Regardless, Haru reassures him to relax as she feels confident that he won't make a mistake as she sees him as her hero. Legoshi grows more nervous and confused as he imagines himself in an escalator being delivered straight up to the top base without going through other steps towards a sexual relationship.

Haru rushes inside their room to fix the place while Legoshi inspects the room's furniture that was intentionally designed for a couple to make love. He also realizes Haru has already been familiar in a place like this, but she admits this is her first time feeling nervous. Haru invites Legoshi to sit on the bed with her, but when he does his heavy weight causes her to bounce and grab onto his arm to steady herself. Legoshi is nervously drawn to lean in and kiss Haru but seeing his intention, Haru stops Legoshi by pointing out he needs to wash his tank top that is covered in blood. Legoshi is unable to reply as he is taken aback by his disbelief of his attempt to kiss her, while Haru proceeds to take off Legoshi's tank top herself. Haru pauses when she finds Legoshi's scars caused by Bill's claws at his back and questions what happened. Legoshi replies by finally confessing it all began in the time he first met Haru. He pulls Haru and envelops her recreating the same position they were in the night he pounced on her. Legoshi reveals to her that he was the carnivore who attacked Haru and intended to eat her. Haru responds that she felt she knew it was Legoshi before and explains why it was difficult for her to understand him as she didn't know whether Legoshi plans to eat her or not. This surprises Legoshi as he questions why she would continue being with him if she knew. Haru reasons that she enjoyed every time they were together. Haru now presses Legoshi to choose whether he would actually devour her or finally make love. Legoshi is too nervous to give an answer and believes Haru already knows what his decision would be, but Haru rejects this and needs Legoshi to actually decide.

Legoshi trembles to make the move but Haru encourages him to go slowly. He continues to doubt as they are too physically different while he compares their size by caressing her torso, almost covering it with just one hand which causes his claws to inflict pain on Haru. Legoshi quickly pulls off and apologizes but Haru reassures him, and she offers for them both to lay down. Legoshi tries his best to be gentle with Haru's body whenever he tries to touch her. As Legoshi carefully positions himself on top of her, Haru's body suddenly springs itself up by forcefully pushing her arm inside Legoshi's mouth. Haru apologizes but is unable to bring her arm out as she finds her body drawn to actually be eaten by him. She realizes this is a prey's natural instinct urging that her relationship with a predator is a terrible mistake.

Anime/Manga Differences

  • In the manga, three unarmed lions see Louis, while in the anime, two lions with guns do.
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