Caught like Floss in a Canine's Teeth (犬歯に糸ようじひっかけるように, Kenshi ni itoyōji hikkakeru yō ni?) is the eighth episode of the Beastars anime.


Legoshi offers to escort Haru home. On the way, she attempts to become better friends with him, unaware of his guilt. Juno has a revelation.


The art team lights the finished dinosaur statue.

The art team lights up the finished dinosaur statue at the end of the day. Kai asks Fudge if he asked a girl out for the lighting ceremony, teasing him that he hasn't. Dom wonders if Legoshi got in a fight with Juno when he sees Legoshi sitting alone on the ground holding his tail. Kibi agrees Legoshi is easy to read. Dom tells the drama club it is time to go home. Kibi protests that it is only five, but Dom says that the mayor told them to leave. A hippo asks if it's because of the news and Dom affirms it isn't safe to stay out late because of the many devouring incidents. Kai recalls hearing about a duck in the neighboring city being eaten, and the group leaves, hoping the festival won't be canceled.

Haru is drawing a sign for her flower booth when the mayor approaches her, asking if she is a Cherryton student. He tells her to return to school and that his job is to keep people safe. Haru looks around and sees the grounds are nearly empty. Stretching, Haru thinks about how alone she is and that no one would notice if she got eaten. A dark shadow looms over Haru, and she turns to face Legoshi. She thinks about how he acted cold last time they met but now seems the opposite. Legoshi realizes he should speak with her at eye level and crouches down before asking her to walk home together. When she asks why, he tells her because it's dangerous while accidentally making a creepy face.

On their way back, Haru wonders whether Legoshi was joking. Legoshi catches her staring and turns away. Haru asks herself what's wrong with him. As they enter the metro, Legoshi temporarily gets stuck, and they end up just missing the train. Sitting down to wait for the next one, Haru says that ever since they met she hasn't been able to tell what he's thinking. Legoshi recalls her undressing and nervously tries to change the topic to the weather. Haru asks why they never talk about that day and that they can laugh about it now that they're friends. Legoshi tells her he can't just forget about it, that all he wants is for her to value herself, and that she doesn't have to give herself away. She says she doesn't want to hear it from a wolf and that he'll never understand what it's like to feel constantly close to death, knowing that you could get eaten before you ever experience love. Legoshi grabs her arm as she tries to leave, but she tells him to let go of her because she doesn't want to sit with him. He tries to get her to talk, but Haru refuses. As their argument escalates, the two draw attention from other animals nearby who think Legoshi is trying to assault her.

Legoshi takes the lead, running in front of Haru to escape.

When an employee approaches Legoshi, Haru pulls his backpack, telling him to run. Legoshi tells her running will make him look more suspicious, but Haru argues that carnivores can be arrested for any force against an herbivore. When he worries about kicking her, she calls him out for being inconsistent, and he says he's still trying to figure out how to treat her because of their differences. Haru tells him to stop worrying about her and run at full speed or else they will get caught. Legoshi takes the lead, thinking to himself that he is declaring himself a wolf in front of the girl he likes.

They hide in a bathroom stall and Haru notices that even in this situation he is trying not to touch her. Legoshi asks her if she feels like she's in danger. Haru realizes that she can hear a deep growl when carnivores talk and wonders how Legoshi could sound like that while looking so gentle. Haru elbows him, repeating that she can't tell if he's sensitive or not and that it's scary.

The two go to a park and Haru tells him that she read in a magazine that cheerful carnivores are more popular. Legoshi decides to confess that he almost ate her just as she mentions the encounter. Haru says she didn't see who it was but shows him her arm and reminds him of the bandage she wore when the first met, and she lied about not remembering. She tries to cheer Legoshi up by saying she doesn't feel close to death near him. Legoshi decides it's not a good time and that he will just keep scolding himself for it. He thanks her and she tells him to smile.

Bill scratches Louis while practicing for the festival. Louis has a brief flashback of bloodthirsty carnivores staring at him as a child.

Legoshi asks Louis about his injury.

Legoshi appears menacingly behind Louis, saying he heard Bill scratched him, and he hopes it doesn't leave a scar. Louis tells him it isn't like the one on Legoshi's back and if he has something to say, to say it. Legoshi replies he has nothing to say for now. Els wonders what's wrong and Kibi asks if they're getting along to which Bill replies they are not. Louis silences everyone saying they lack unity and need to perform flawlessly for the festival.

Juno enters out of breath, apologizing for being late. She explains that she carried a sloth classmate of hers to the restroom and will clean up after practice, earning praise from other club members. Louis asks Sheila why Juno isn't acting like a loner, and she replies that Juno has been working hard. Juno calls out to Legoshi and compliments the art department's work on the dinosaur, but the other members can tell she's only looking at Legoshi. Louis stares intently at Juno's interactions with the others, noticing she managed to pull everyone together.

Juno helps Louis up after declaring war.

After practice, Juno hums while she sweeps the floor. Louis sees she's still cleaning and asks why it's so dark and Juno replies it's because she's nocturnal. Juno asks Louis to practice with her and he agrees. He says her movements are too rough and that while she would captivate the audience, she needs to be in harmony with the other dancers. Louis asks for her hand then tells her that as long as she's having fun, the men will like it, so she doesn't need to strive for perfection. When she asks what he means, he apologizes for sounding sexist. Juno takes his hands and walks him backward until he trips, realizing that he hates her and all carnivores. Pinned to the ground, Louis asks if she's trying to kiss him. She replies that if she did, it would probably trigger her instinct to devour him, but she like Legoshi, not Louis. Juno declares war on Louis for the title of Beastar to make the world a peaceful place and win Legoshi's love. Louis struggles to break free but admits she's proven to be stronger and that he would rather be devoured by her than Bill or Legoshi. Juno helps him up, saying she would never expose her fangs because female wolves hate conflict. Louis says her greed is based on her massive confidence to obtain beauty, status, and men. Admitting she has the first, Louis tells Juno he can prevent her from getting status and her effort to win Legoshi will be more difficult than she thinks. When she asks why, he tells her to watch him and when she understands, it might fix her overconfidence.

Legoshi tells Juno he would like the myth to be true.

At the festival, Juno watches Legoshi as Kibi points out a split end in his tail. Juno wonders if he has a girlfriend. She approaches and thanks Legoshi for his report, prompting everyone to turn and look at him. Juno realizes he makes the same face to her as he does for everyone else. She draws his attention to the meteor and asks if he believes the legend about couples placing a lit candle to have their love blessed. When he says he doesn't know, Juno starts to ask if he would be able to do something with her on the day of the festival. Before she can finish, the lights go out.

The carnivore members of the drama club circle to protect the others.

People run and scream. Legoshi and Juno rush to check on the other members of the drama club. The carnivore members form a circle around the others. When Aoba asks how many students were there, Legoshi remembers Haru and rushes to the gardening stand. When she isn't there, he tracks her scent. Haru hugs him, saying she knew Louis would come back for her.

When the lights return, Haru realizes she mistook Legoshi for Louis.

The lights come back on and Haru realizes her mistake and apologizes. Legoshi says he's glad she's okay, trying to help calm her and offering her his handkerchief. Juno sees him and thinks it can't be possible that a wolf likes a rabbit, but sees the way that he looks at her.

Anime/Manga Differences

  • Some establishing shots of the drama club's preparations for the festival are omitted from the anime.
  • In the manga, a bird and Hippo speak with Fudge about getting a date, while in the anime it is only Kai speaking with him.
  • After Dom says Fudge mentions an incident where five tree sparrow children were killed in the manga that is omitted from the anime.
  • In the manga, the hippo says murders are at their highest in the summer, sparking a conversation with Dom about whether carnivores have bad tempers in the summer. Dom asks if that's why Legoshi is staring into space alone, but the hippos says Legoshi looks more like he is deep in thought.
  • In the manga, Legoshi is holding his hands under a faucet next to a bucket of brushes he is supposed to wash, while in the anime he is sitting alone clutching his tail when Dom starts talking about him.
  • In the manga, Dom recalls that Legoshi has been prone to freezing including a scene stopping in the middle of passing boxes.
  • In the manga, the hippo suggests Legoshi freezes because he remembered a bad memory.
  • In the manga, Kibi tells Legoshi they need to go, while in the anime Kibi simply agrees with Dom that Legoshi is easy to read.
  • The anime skips to Dom wondering if he got in a fight with Juno.
  • In the anime, Dom tells everyone to go home after seeing Legoshi distressed rather than before.
  • In the manga, a bird mentions the duck being devoured in a nearby town. Kai does so in the anime.
  • In the manga, Haru is carrying a flowerpot when she is approached by a cat carrying lumber who asks if she is a student and says the drama club is heading home. In the anime, she is making a sign when she is approached by the mayor who is not present in the manga.
  • In the manga, Haru initially thinks it's gotten dark and notes the days are unusually short when Legoshi casts a shadow over her.
  • In the anime, there is a drop of sweat behind Haru's head when Legoshi makes a scary face.
  • In the manga, Legoshi thinks to himself that for every step he takes, Haru takes three while they walk to the Metro.
  • In the anime, Legoshi gets temporarily stuck going through the metro entrance making them just miss the train.
  • In the manga, the metro station is filled with other animals walking by and the two stand, while in the anime it is nearly empty and the two take a seat.
  • In the manga, Legoshi tells Haru to stop distancing herself from him whereas in the anime he tells her to value herself more.
  • In the manga, Haru pulls Legoshi's arm when telling him to run. In the anime, she first pulls his backpack while his hands are raised defensively toward the metro employee.
  • In the manga, Legoshi and Haru's pursuers don't look in the bathroom because the stalls were made for small animals. In the anime, one of them inspects the bathroom but is called away by the other before he finds them.
  • In the manga, Haru silently scolds Legoshi for running too fast and Legoshi thinks he ran as fast as he could before promising to buy her a drink to make up for it.
  • In the anime, Louis has a short flashback of carnivores staring at him as a child when Bill scratches him.
  • An entire scene at the end of Chapter 31 is omitted after Bill scratches Louis. He takes Louis to get the first aid kit. Once they're alone, Bill says he knows Louis's secret and Louis draws a gun on Bill.
  • Another scene at the start of Chapter 32 where Haru and Louis talk after she wraps his wound is left out of the anime.
  • In the manga, Fudge and an unnamed bird are gossiping about Louis and Legoshi along with Els, Kibi, and Bill.
  • In the manga, Louis tells everyone that any actor who slips up will be on equipment duty and Sheila wonders how she will clear the tension.
  • In the manga, Juno apologizes directly to Louis, but in the anime, she is speaking to the other drama students around her.
  • In the manga, Sheila comments that Juno has a different kind of charisma than Louis and Louis silently thinks females have an easier time attracting followers.
  • In the anime, Dom tells everyone to go back to school before Juno approaches the group.
  • In the anime, when Juno thanks Legoshi, the rest of the drama club turns to look at him
  • In the manga, Juno wonders if there is a female that already has Legoshi to herself while talking about the myth of the meteor.
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